June 03, 2020

As airline travel slowly resumes, travelers are noticing small changes to screening procedures at airports across the US.

There will be fit-to-fly checks - thermal checks, general health checks, and possibly actual virus tests. These will be crude out of the gate, but just like the ramp-up of security checks post-9/11, they will become more sophisticated.
-Bruce McIndoe, WorldAware Founder

TSA officials confirm changes have been in progress since the COVID-19 pandemic began, such as screeners wearing face masks and practicing social distancing, while allowing passengers to carry-on larger quantities of hand sanitizer and wear face masks, as long as they are lowered during identity verification security checkpoints. Further changes lie ahead, in particular to health screening procedures.

The Washington Post spoke with industry experts, including WorldAware founder Bruce McIndoe, to discuss evolving health screenings, and potential changes travelers should expect to comply with at airports in the near-term. While some airports have introduced policies of touchless temperature checks, mandatory PPE, and social distancing requirements, McIndoe predicts restricted passenger-only access to airport terminals, baggage disinfection and an enhanced focus on travelers clearing specific health criteria before being allowed to board.

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