December 21, 2018

Travel Weekly Asia covers WorldAware's 2019 Global Forecast and interviews Bruce McIndoe. An excerpt from the article is as follows.

"WorldAware, an organisation that provides intelligence-driven, integrated risk management solutions to international companies, has published its 2019 Global Forecast. 

The report reveals insights and predictions around what can be expected on a global scale heading into the New Year. 

For Asia, highlights include (but are not limited to):

  • Potential unrest caused by government failures or upcoming elections in Thailand, India, Indonesia and the Philippines.
  • A potential outbreak of communicable diseases caused by counterfeit vaccines in China.
  • And worldwide airline failures due to changing economic conditions, particularly in large markets such as India and Indonesia

The report breaks down key global threats for businesses seeking to protect their people and operations.

“In an era of increasing globalisation, threats anywhere in the world pose risks to any organisation, its supply chain, and its people,” says Bruce McIndoe, president and founder of WorldAware.

The report is compiled by members of WorldAware’s team of more than 130 intelligence experts based across the company’s offices in Annapolis, Cape Town, London and Singapore. 

Drawing from more than 21,000 sources in 25 different languages, the team monitors and analyses risks across intelligence categories including health, kidnapping, terrorism, environment, transportation, and geopolitics, and geographic regions."

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Download an executive summary of the 2019 Global Forecast report.