April 02, 2020

There are simple and effective guidelines to follow in order to minimize risks and ensure travelers' protection. Bruce McIndoe, President and Founder of WorldAware ( in Annapolis, MD, says: “Given the dynamic world that we live in and the shifting political alliances, travelers need to be aware, more than ever, about the geopolitical, social, health and security situation in the countries they are visiting.” He advises travelers to follow a few easy rules:

  • Don't take anything of value that you don't truly need.
  • Pay extra attention when crossing roads.
  • Avoid being out late at night.

McIndoe advises, “Having someone you can turn to for assistance, whether travel, medical or security, is even more important these days. Obtaining proper insurance that matches your travel profile can give you that piece of mind." Many national medical insurance policies do not cover travelers overseas and some will exclude covering infectious disease outbreaks. 

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