September 03, 2019

Though transportation disruptions have continued in Hong Kong, they are a mere inconvenience for people who live and work in the city. Hong Kong is still considered low-risk for travel as protestors have not been targeting travelers. Locals are inconvenienced by the protests, but can still operate with essential services and commodities. 

Business Travel News interviewed Brendan O'Reilly, intelligence analyst at WorldAware: "Two types of protests are occurring in Hong Kong. Planned rallies and marches usually receive police permission, are announced and are generally peaceful. Pop-up protests, planned over the internet and often held around government locations, are where clashes with authorities are more likely to occur."

O'Reilly also said, "Visitors can generally avoid localized disruptions and potential violence simply by staying away from the demonstrations and leaving the area immediately if an unannounced protest breaks out." 

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