March 20, 2020

Recently, WorldAware experts provided their assessment on the risk of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on events and travel. Northstar Meetings Group consulted with Founder Bruce McIndoe, Editor-in-chief Ed Daly, and Intelligence Analyst Brendan O'Reilly on the crisis and its expected economic impact.

McIndoe was quoted in the article, stating, "Unfortunately, no one has the data or knowledge about the virus to make any assessment of the severity or duration of this event. From the data provided by China, which has moderate to low credibility, the infection rate is declining -- more people are recovering than getting infected. If accurate, that is positive news and implies that the outbreak is plateauing there."

Ed Daly commented on how WorldAware issues alerts related to COVID-19: "The alerts we’ve issued related to coronavirus reflect the full spectrum of our severity levels. We use three levels (informational, warning and critical) to convey the relevant threats in a given location for health, physical security and/or business continuity. Given the varying degrees of these threats when it comes to coronavirus, we’ve used all three severity levels as required. We will continue to provide alerts as long as the phenomenon requires."

O’Reilly provided insight on travel for the near future: "Based on what we've seen develop in China, South Korea, Italy and Iran, travel, tourism and other components of the service sector are likely to see significantly reduced revenue in countries that experience widespread COVID-19 outbreaks. In terms of a potential return to pre-outbreak economic conditions, there are too many unknown factors to make a prognosis on exactly what measures will be necessary to contain the virus in areas where significant spread has already occurred — much less any potential return to normality."

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