February 07, 2020

The Blue Swan Daily looked at the question, "The Novel Coronavirus outbreak is in the spotlight, but will the return of the MAX actually be the biggest threat for corporate travel programs in 2020?" The publication found about one in four travel managers say they are concerned about the global spread of the Novel Coronavirus. 

Travelers flying to or from China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan should check their flight status before departing from the airport, as airlines are canceling flights, suspending service to these locations, and some countries are banning incoming travelers from these locations as well. Though the Novel Coronavirus is top of mind, travel managers need to think about the Boeing MAX 737 still out of commission.

The Blue Swan Daily stated, "But, while the Novel Coronavirus outbreak is in the spotlight, there is another major issue on the horizon that could cause similar concerns among business travelers. The return to the air of the Boeing 737 MAX may have slipped to the middle of the year at the earliest, extending its grounding beyond a year, but it has the potential to cause significant disruption to travel managers." The article highlighted WorldAware's 2020 Global Forecast, quoting that companies should consider “adjusting corporate travel policies” and that “the Boeing 737 MAX may not be safe despite a return to service."

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