November 28, 2019

Continuity Central, a UK-based business continuity publication, featured WorldAware's new Critical Outreach service in their Nov. 28 post. The new, 24x7 personnel safety verification service makes it possible to quickly check on the well-being of people who may have been impacted by a critical life-safety or mass-casualty incident. 

The article stated, "The Critical Outreach managed service can be utilized by any size organization. It saves resources by allowing organizations to provide security monitoring and coverage 24/7, extending security capabilities without hiring and training new staff." Learn more about Critical Outreach. 

The key benefits to Critical Outreach are:

  • Saves personnel costs by utilizing trained personnel from WorldAware's 24x7 Response Operations Center 
  • Saves crucial time by leveraging technology to rapidly initiate the safety verification process and manage people’s safety status at scale
  • Provides peace of mind knowing WorldAware's trained and experienced response coordinators will conduct proactive outreach during critical life safety incidents

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