April 06, 2020

In a recent career profile published by Security Magazine, Kristin Lenardson, VP of Managed Risk Services at WorldAware, discusses challenges with using intelligence in risk mitigation. “Overall, implementing a security program is very challenging... but when you’re looking at intelligence, moving into political risk and security operations, it depends on many different factors. It’s never the same job every day,” she says.

Lenardson’s Managed Risk Services (MRS) team at WorldAware overcomes these challenges by providing embedded intelligence analysts to directly support clients with tailored turn-key solutions, including travel security support, online threat monitoring, due diligence investigations, forecasting and threat assessments.

When tackling global threats such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the MRS team leverages WorldAware’s entire intelligence team, including regional experts or issue-based analysts. “We also have operational support roles who can help to evacuate people, solve logistical problems and secure travel worldwide,” she says. “It really takes about 200 people to make sure our operations run smoothly, that we’re covered from an intelligence perspective, and that we have operational support if we need it, too.” Teamwork is key to ensuring these operations run smoothly, are well coordinated, well organized, and business travelers utilizing WorldAware’s services feel secure and looked after.

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