November 11, 2018

Founder and president of WorldAware Bruce McIndoe was featured in Risk & Insurance and commented on the recent survey that showed 80 percent of women said safety concerns impact their productivity on business trips.

"Just as the risk is asymmetrical for women, it is also for smaller companies, noted Bruce McIndoe, founder and president of WorldAware (formerly iJet International). He is also a former co-chair and still a member of the standing committee on risk at GBTA.

'Big corporations may have thousands of people traveling,' said McIndoe, 'but they also have many thousands more in their offices. The highest concentration of risk is on small and even mid-size companies that may have only a few top people, and those are the ones doing the travel. Those are also the companies that tend to have the least engagement.'

'Training is the key,' said McIndoe. 'If you invest in training to ensure your people make good decisions, then you don’t have to deal with the aftermath of poor decisions.'"


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