December 30, 2019

The Blue Swan Daily showcased WorldAware's 2020 Global Forecast, an annual report that evaluates various threats around the world that could impact your people and business operations.

To further describe the annual risk forecast, the Blue Swan Daily article stated, "The Global Forecast 2020 report breaks down key global threats for businesses and organisations seeking to protect their people and operations, no matter their location or circumstance. It is compiled by members of WorldAware’s team of intelligence experts, drawing from more than 21,000 sources in 25 different languages." The report also contains country-level security assessment maps & sub-ratings maps for health, terrorism, and kidnap risk.

The 2020 Global Forecast features insights into these key topics: 

  • Protests in Latin America
  • Brexit Transition
  • US-China Trade Relation
  • Kidnap Threat to Intensify
  • Safety of Boeing 737 MAX
  • Iran-US Tensions
  • Elections in Africa
  • Climate Change Protests

The article provided a sneak peek into part of the report:  "[The Global Forecast] predicts that the Boeing 737 MAX story will continue into 2020 when the grounded airline program will once again return to the air. 'The Boeing 737 MAX may not be safe despite return to service,' warns the report. Despite efforts to make improvements, WorldAware remains concerned about the aircraft’s safety as 'the safeguards that were designed to detect and eliminate design flaws clearly failed in the design and certification of the 737 MAX.'"

While the full report is available only to clients and partners, WorldAware is pleased to make available an Executive Summary of the full report.

Read the full article from the Blue Swan Daily.