October 11, 2019

WorldAware, a leading global intelligence, risk management, and crisis response firm, continues to monitor anti-government protests occurring in Ecuador. The protests began on October 2 as a response to the elimination of fuel subsidies and the implementation of other market reforms intended to secure an International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan. The anti-government protests are affecting multiple cities throughout Ecuador, most notably in Quito where tens of thousands of protesters and indigenous people have marched throughout the city. Over 700 arrests have been reported, and continued clashes between security forces and protesters are likely. The protests have caused major transport disruptions and shortages of food and fuel.

WorldAware has taken a lean-forward posture, proactively contacting its clients with people in the country. WorldAware has advised its clients to regularly check on the well-being of their people, establish check-in procedures, and avoid civil disturbances. Clients are also advised to self-evacuate if able to do so safely or to shelter in place.

WorldAware’s Global Assistance and Response team has security experts available 24/7 to respond to client questions and provide support to those in the region. The team has also vetted and validated resources in the region should the situation further deteriorate and evacuation services be required.

WorldAware will continue to provide intelligence on the situation to clients and has released an online resource for continuing information available at


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