November 20, 2019

WorldAware, a leading global intelligence, risk management, and crisis response firm, continues to monitor anti-government demonstrations occurring in Hong Kong. The protests, which began in April, were originally in response to the government’s stance on an extradition bill. Opponents argue that the extradition bill, which was subsequently withdrawn, would give Beijing greater influence over Hong Kong. Since then, the situation has remained fluid, with pockets of unrest occurring across the Hong Kong area. In the days following the death of a protester, the violence escalated, particularly at several university campuses. Operational and security concerns prompted many universities in Hong Kong to end their semester early. The protests continue to cause transportation disruptions across the territory.

WorldAware maintains contact with affected clients in the region. WorldAware’s Global Assistance and Response team is actively engaged in evacuations with clients at risk near the universities. Clients are advised to regularly check on the well-being of their people, establish check-in procedures, and avoid civil disturbances.

WorldAware’s Global Assistance and Response team has security experts available 24/7 to respond to client questions and provide support to those in the region. The team has security resources in Hong Kong should the situation further deteriorate and additional evacuation services are needed.

WorldAware will continue to provide intelligence on the situation to clients and have released an online resource for continuing information available at:


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