March 07, 2019

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Foreign Nationals Face Arrest in the UAE for Broaching Sensitive Issues

Being aware of cultural norms is essential when operating or traveling in the United Arab Emirates. While most expatriates and travelers in the UAE do not experience any problems, authorities may perceive individuals as a security threat if they are found discussing controversial topics, even on social media platforms. If traveling to the UAE, read travel briefs in advance and know its government policies- it could save your people from being detained.

Read about recent events that led to the arrest of foreign nationals.


Iranian Foreign Minister's Potential Resignation Will Further Strengthen Hardliners in the Country

Tensions would have likely grown between Iran and its regional foes if Foreign Minister Javad Zarif’s resignation had gone through. While Zarif was not forced out of office, many within Iran's religious and military establishment wanted to curb his influence in Tehran, essentially relegating the foreign minister's office to a largely symbolic role. The president rejected Zarif's resignation because both the president and the foreign minister are ideologically aligned; the president's goal is to maintain a balanced foreign policy. 

Learn about the resignation controversy.


Military Clashes Between India and Pakistan Prompt Regionwide Disruptions

Longstanding tensions between India and Pakistan have escalated significantly since Feb. 14, triggering significant transport and business disruptions in both countries and in the wider Asia-Pacific region. Both countries claim rightful sovereignty over the Jammu and Kashmir regions. Protests are likely to continue in both India and Pakistan- check out up-to-date alerts on the situation.

Read about the latest tensions and what this means for organizations operating in the region.


LGBTQ Personal Security Concerns at Carnival

Brazil experiences high rates of homicides, due in large part to homophobia, and reports of LGBTQ verbal and physical hate crimes have continued to increase in recent years. President Bolsonaro removed the LGBTQ community from the Ministry of Human Rights’ list of concerns, which left it without a government office to advocate for their rights. In addition to LGBTQ concerns, dengue fever and Zika virus activity are elevated in Brazil. As such, it’s critical to take precautions when celebrating Carnival this March.

Use these risk mitigation strategies to enjoy Carnival in Brazil.


8 Airport Safety Tips

The easiest time for pickpockets, robbers, or a loss of personal belongings is when you are in motion. On the bookends of your trip, you should be cognizant of your surroundings. When you’re moving through the airport, there are all sorts of events that present some sort of risk to your personal safety.

Find 8 tips to mitigate your risk while in the airport.



Ukraine: Upcoming Presidential Election to Prompt Widespread Security Preparations

This Special Report dives into the possibility of a direct military conflict between Russian and Ukrainian forces in the lead up to the Mar. 31 Ukraine presidential election. Ukrainian government agencies and private sector businesses operating in Ukraine are likely to implement additional cybersecurity measures to safeguard information and operations.

See what other security threats are likely in the lead up to and following the presidential election.


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