March 14, 2019

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Special Report: Countries Ground 737 MAX Aircraft Following Crash

Little information is known about the cause of ET-302’s crash and therefore the recommendation to travelers is to consider avoiding travel on 737 MAX aircraft until authorities determine whether a known issue with the aircraft's control systems played a role. A worldwide grounding of the 737 MAX would not cause significant disruptions to global air travel, as the type only accounts for a small portion of the global 737 fleet. Ethiopian Airlines has a reputation for strong operational and safety standards, and remains listed as Preferred in WorldAware's Worldcue Airline Monitor.

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Webinar: What You Need to Know About the Boeing 737 MAX

Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crash crashed on Sunday, March 10. WorldAware, Inc.’s transportation expert, Max Leitschuh provides insights into the crash, the events that have transpired since, what to expect in the coming weeks, and what organizations can do to safeguard their travelers.

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Protests Likely to Persist in Algeria Absent Fair Elections

Across Algeria, tens of thousands of Algerians continue to protest against President Abdelaziz Bouteflika's decision to contest the upcoming April 18 elections, aiming for a fifth term as president. Algeria’s pre-election protests have put the ageing regime under pressure- demanding structural reforms to diversify the economy. Unless the military withdraws its support, it is unlikely that President Bouteflika will step down.

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On-Air: Boeing 737 MAX - What You Need to Know

In this On-Air with WorldAware podcast, Katherine Harmon, Senior Director of Category Intelligence & Health Intelligence, interviews Max Leitschuh, Senior Transportation Analyst. Leitschuh addresses the Ethiopian Airlines crash, what grounding the fleet would mean for air travel, and more.

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