November 12, 2019

WorldAware’s CRITICAL OUTREACH service delivers 24x7 monitoring of events and rapid life safety confirmation

Annapolis, Maryland (November 12, 2019) - WorldAware, a leading global intelligence, risk management and crisis response firm, has launched CRITICAL OUTREACH, a 24x7 personnel safety verification service that makes it possible to quickly check on the well-being of people who may have been impacted by a critical life-safety or mass-casualty incident. CRITICAL OUTREACH allows organizations, regardless of size, to extend the capability of a security team to reach out to personnel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, around the globe, without additional staffing.

“CRITICAL OUTREACH allows organizations to extend their security and risk management capabilities by leveraging the 24x7 Response Operations Center (ROC) global network at WorldAware,” said WorldAware Founder and President Bruce McIndoe. “This managed service saves both personnel costs and potentially crucial time by leveraging technology and trained personnel to rapidly initiate the safety verification process and manage people’s safety status at scale. Organizations will gain peace of mind knowing our trained and experienced response coordinators will conduct proactive outreach during critical life safety incidents and the immediate aftermath.”  

Here’s how it works:

  • When WorldAware issues a Critical Alert indicating a mass-casualty or life-safety incident, WorldAware’s global Response Operations Center (ROC) response coordinators use WorldAware’s integrated risk management platform to identify client personnel exposed to the event.
  • WorldAware’s global assistance and response team then initiates two-way communications via WorldAware COMMUNICATOR, the company’s fully integrated mass notification solution. Communications are sent via email, SMS, in-app push notifications (to WorldAware MOBILE), or text-to-voice, asking everyone to confirm their safety. A notification is also sent to inform the client’s primary point of contact (POC) that the action is underway.
  • The ROC monitors all responses through WorldAware’s global risk management platform, which shows each person potentially exposed to the threat and responses received. The client POC can also view real-time status updates through their organization’s instance of WorldAware COMPANION. If someone needs assistance, that situation is immediately escalated so pre-defined protocols can be quickly followed to ensure the safety of the personnel.
  • A final report is available showing each person contacted, the status of each contact attempt, and the person’s response.

The CRITICAL OUTREACH managed service can be utilized by any size organization. It saves resources by allowing organizations to provide security monitoring and coverage 24/7, extending security capabilities without hiring and training new staff.  It also helps organizations ensure Duty of Care for all personnel around the world by offering a highly experienced global security team to monitor critical events and check on the safety of potentially affected personnel.

For more information about CRITICAL OUTREACH, click here.

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