August 22, 2019

Integrated mass notification solution bridges the gap between threat exposures and two-way communications to help save lives.


Annapolis, MD - WorldAware, a leading global intelligence, risk management and crisis response firm, has launched Worldcue COMMUNICATOR, a mass notification service that offers fast two-way communication to any individual or group, worldwide. With the introduction of COMMUNICATOR, WorldAware is the first company to offer integrated global real-time intelligence, dynamic recipient list creation (which people may be at risk based on their current location) and incident management with two-way communications.

“When intelligence indicates an early warning or a critical event occurs, speed of communication to forewarn or confirm safety or the need for assistance is essential,” said WorldAware President and Founder Bruce McIndoe. “With Worldcue COMMUNICATOR, WorldAware provides organizations with the ability to quickly understand what issues or incidents are relevant to the organization and its people, and with a single click, initiate a two-way communication to each of those individuals. Knowledge and speed save lives.”

How it works:

  • WorldAware’s global network of ops centers staffed with intelligence and security analysts monitor threats and incidents 24/7.
  • Whether there is an early warning or critical event, WorldAware alerts its clients via the Worldcue Companion platform accessible from your laptop, mobile phone, email or SMS as desired.
  • Rather than using static distribution lists or taking precious time to manually build a list, the Worldcue platform builds an on-demand list of those exposed based on location awareness of your people. Granular location awareness is achieved through the integration of assigned location, mobile location reporting, active travel itinerary and other location reporting data within a single platform.
  • Forward the WorldAware Alert or quickly select a prepared template from over 30 pre-prepared scenarios which can be modified as needed by the organization.
  • With a single click, two-way communication can be started to confirm the safety or need for assistance of impacted individuals. Communications are sent via email, SMS, and text-to-voice. In addition, messages are sent via in-app push to the Worldcue MOBILE app. Communications may be automatically resent at any defined interval until a response is received.
  • All responses are visible on a dashboard, with requests for assistance and crisis signals from the MOBILE app prioritized for immediate attention.

In addition to communicating early warning or during critical events, COMMUNICATOR is used for relaying emergency messages, disruptions, business continuity issues, special drills, general organizational and group announcements, polling or informational messages.

The Worldcue COMMUNICATOR mass notification solution can be seamlessly integrated into the Worldcue managed 24x7 Global Assistance and Response service for a complete, end-to-end operational risk management and critical event management solution that protects your people and operations at home or around the world.

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