March 08, 2019

The Mar 31 Ukraine election could encourage protests in city centers and clashes between rival groups. The Special Report released on March 6 also dives into the possibility of a direct military conflict between Russian and Ukrainian forces in the lead up to the presidential election. The upcoming election will likely lead to a higher potential for security-related disruptions during the campaign period over the coming weeks, and potentially beyond. Ukrainian government agencies and private sector businesses operating in Ukraine are likely to implement additional cybersecurity measures to safeguard information and operations.


Key Judgements

  • The prevalence of protests and the likelihood of sporadic violent incidents in city centers and near polling stations remain high during the election campaign and after the publication of the results.
  • Ukrainian authorities will maintain high surveillance of all land and maritime borders to mitigate foreign military and other adversarial threats to disrupt public order.
  • Ukrainian government agencies, as well as private sector businesses operating in Ukraine, are likely to implement additional cybersecurity measures to safeguard company information and the operations of critical infrastructure.

Read more for other security threats that are likely in the lead up to and following the presidential election.


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