January 01, 2019

As we embark on a new year, organizations will continue to be faced with threats around the globe. Here at WorldAware, our team of expert analysts, security specialists, and subject matter experts are at the ready around the clock to alert you of developing security threats and support your personnel who may need assistance while working or traveling.

The WorldAware blog, Forward from the Experts, is brought to you by our team of experts who serve our clients and their people. In 2018, blog topics ranged from health-related security concerns to aviation safety and security, political stability, travel advisories, and more.  


Here’s a look at what you read the most in 2018.


  1. Political Stability to Prevail despite Opposition Win in Malaysian General Election
    The May 9 Malaysian election was a tight race between the opposition and the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition. Senior Intelligence Analyst, Rohaiza Asi, shared insights into the election and the impact on political stability.
  2. Traveling Internationally with Medications
    Medication laws vary substantially worldwide. Katherine Harmon, Senior Director Category Intelligence & Health Intelligence, provides an overview of international drug regulations you need to know as well as great tips for traveling with medication.
  3. Virtual Kidnapping in the US and Mexico
    Virtual kidnappings have become more prevalent in the US and Mexico since 201 In April 2018, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other US law enforcement agencies issued several warnings related to virtual kidnappings. Learn about this growing trend and how to minimize your risk of being a target in this blog by Jodie Bougaard, Intelligence Analyst II.
  4. Jamaica State of Emergency Extended
    In January 2018, Jamaica issued a State of Emergency to curb the violence in Saint James Parish, and later extended the policy following a successful reduction in crime. See how the Emergency Power Resolution for Saint James Parish was implemented and the impact on travel in this blog by Regional Analyst, Jose De Bastos.
  5. Lion Air Flight 610 Crash: What We Know
    The October 29, 2018 crash of Lion Air flight 610 raised concerns about air safety in Indonesia. Max Leitschuh, Senior Transportation Intelligence Analyst, provided an analysis of the crash, overview of air safety in Indonesia, Lion Air Safety Ratings summary, and insights into the crash investigation.
  6. Understanding the Gender Change Policy for US Passports
    In July 2018, multiple news sources reported that the US Department of State was revoking transgender individuals’ passports. While the cases cited were considered unusual circumstances and agency errors, the headlines raised questions about the actual passport policy for transgender individuals. Intelligence Analyst and LGBTQ expert, Sophie Bayles provides an overview of the current passport policy and tips for transgender travelers.
  7. AeroMexico Crash: What Happened, and What Now?
    An AeroMexico flight crashed shortly after takeoff on July 31, 2018. Despite a fire that destroyed the aircraft, all 103 passengers survived. Max Leitschuh, aviation expert, weighed in on potential causes of the crash and what factors played a role in the high survival rate.
  8. Traveling to China? What to Expect and Actions to Take
    Canadian authorities detained the chief financial officer of Huawei and the daughter of the company’s founder on behalf of the United States government in December 2018. The executive is suspected of helping Huawei to violate US sanctions on Iran. This high-profile event raised concerns about travel to and from China. Brendan O’Reilly, Regional Intelligence Analyst and Mickey Lalor, Director Crisis Management, answer your most frequently asked questions.
  9. State Department Orders Travel Advisory for Mexico After 8 Bodies Found in Cancún
    A travel advisory was issued for Americans who plan to visit Mexico following the discovery of 8 bodies throughout Cancun on August 21. This event raised the alarm for many, especially since Cancun is a major tourist destination. Jose De Bastos, Regional Intelligence Analyst, shares insight into what’s driving the increase in homicides and advice for visitors.
  10. PyeongChang 2018 Olympics: A Land Without Google Maps
    Despite numerous security concerns about the 2018 Olympics in South Korea, the event went off with few issues. For visitors accustomed to Google Maps, which is not in compliance with South Korean law and therefore banned, getting around South Korea was a new challenge. Geospatial Analyst Samantha Bamberger, brought you a handy guide to navigating South Korea.