August 26, 2019

WorldAware's weather analysts tracked Hurricane Dorian in the Atlantic and provided intelligence alerts related to the storm. These alerts included a summary, weather warnings, potential ground, utility, and transport disruptions, what hazardous conditions may look like, and business continuity advice. Below are a few examples of what the alerts contain. Authorities will likely issue new advisories or update existing warnings as Dorian moves through the Atlantic. The proximity of the system's center of circulation to land will ultimately determine how significant the weather-related impacts will be. WorldAware alerts will continue to be provided for the duration of the storm. 


Transport and Utilities

Ground, air, and maritime transport disruptions are likely across the affected areas over the coming days. Floodwaters and related debris may render some bridges, rail networks, or roadways impassable, impacting overland travel in and around the affected area. Landslides could also temporarily block some routes in hilly areas. Flooding in urban areas could also result in significant traffic congestion. Winds might cause power outages and some property damage. High winds may trigger flight disruptions - including delays and cancellations - at regional airports. Hazardous sea conditions could prompt the temporary suspension of ferry services and port operations in areas near the storm's path.

Residual disruptions could persist well after conditions have improved; it could take days for any floodwaters and related debris to be cleared or for necessary repair work to conclude.



Activate contingency plans in areas where hurricane conditions are forecast. Heed all coastal evacuation orders if they are ordered. Use extreme caution in low-lying coastal areas and near streams, creeks, and other waterways due to the high potential for severe flooding and storm surge. Stockpile water, batteries, and other essentials in advance. Charge battery-powered devices when electricity is available; restrict the use of cellular phones to emergencies only. Power down mobile devices when not in use. Keep important documents in waterproof containers. Observe strict food and water precautions after the storm passes, as municipalities could issue boil water advisories following flooding events.

Plan accordingly for protracted commercial, transport, and logistics disruptions in areas in the path of the storm, especially if vital infrastructure is damaged. Seek updated information on road conditions before driving or routing shipments through areas where flooding has occurred. Confirm flights before checking out of hotels or driving to the airport; clearing passenger backlogs may take several days in some locations.

View the intelligence alerts for Hurricane Dorian.


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