A total 10 of drones targeted two major oil installations of the Aramco energy company, Abqaiq and Khurais, in the early hours of Sept. 14. It is important to note this is an evolving situation and the origins of the attacks have yet to be determined. US officials maintain that the drone attacks originated from southern Iran and that the reason the Saudi air defenses did not detect or stop the drones and missiles was that they were pointed southwards to stop attacks from Yemen. The Shi'a Al-Houthi rebel group in Yemen has regularly conducted drone and missile attacks against Saudi transportation hubs, shopping malls, government facilities, and critical infrastructure - such as military bases, airports, and energy plants throughout the country. However, the Sept. 14 attacks are the most impactful attacks to have taken place on Saudi soil.

Listen as Fahim Masoud, Regional Intelligence Manager, provides an overview of the Sept. 14 attacks on Saudi Arabia, what the motive may be, what the significance is for the region, and impacts on the region. Then, Tony Roccaforte, Sr. Security Advisor, relays the potential impacts of the attacks on organizations in the region and how to prepare for any future attacks.



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