Since initial protests about a controversial bill began in April 2019, WorldAware's intelligence analysts have been monitoring activity in Hong Kong and issuing intelligence alerts as the situation evolves. WorldAware experts also hold intelligence briefings for large-scale events, to notify organizations and personnel of what is happening on the ground and help them make informed decisions to ensure risks are managed, operations can continue, and people are safe. Large, mainstream protests in Hong Kong have recently attracted thousands of participants, and WorldAware conducted a second intelligence briefing to relay this information to clients and other organizations so they could make high-quality and high-impact decisions with confidence. 

Allegations of police abuse and neglect have partially fueled protests and violence in recent weeks, and the public will probably continue to support the protests. Protesters in Hong Kong have announced additional actions through the end of September to press the government to allow an independent investigation into police conduct during months of unrest and progress on political reforms, among other demands. The highest turnouts will likely occur at well-publicized marches, especially on weekends. Police have banned many recent protests due to security concerns, but activists have defied the orders. Several governments have issued or upgraded advisories warning citizens to exercise caution while in Hong Kong or to avoid unnecessary travel to the territory. 

Listen as WorldAware experts Brendan O'Reilly and Tony Roccaforte use intelligence and response as a holistic approach to detail the situation on the ground, look at current public opinion, and provide risk mitigation advice to organizations.



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