The independence movement in Catalonia has long been a cause of civil unrest in the region. Protests that draw tens to thousands are likely to continue in Spain, especially through the election period. Foreign businesses and travelers are unlikely to be targeted by any protest actions, though there is a significant collateral threat of harm to bystanders. There has been a shift in the trend of peaceful protests since the announcement of a guilty verdict for 9 of the movement's leaders. Thousands of people flooded the streets to condemn the verdict. Since then, pro-independent civil society groups have staged daily protests throughout Catalonia. The majority of younger protesters use social media to communicate protest activity.

Significant disruption to transportation and operations is likely during bouts of civil unrest in Catalonia. Demonstrations may target transport services, with some vandalism possible against related infrastructure. Learn about the locations that may impact your operations and get security preparedness tips for your organization and personnel in the region.





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