Social discontent has long been an issue throughout Lebanon with regard to the country’s deteriorating economic situation and poor public services. The government is facing considerable pressure to reverse the country’s difficult economic conditions.

Each week, WorldAware evaluates the events occurring around the world that are likely to impact our clients. We look at multiple data points including the number of clients impacted, the actual number of people impacted, frequently viewed alerts, information from internal teams, and client feedback and requests. This information helps us identify the topics covered in our live briefings. The Oct. 31 live briefing on Lebanon was presented by Shannon Armstrong and Tony Roccaforte. Shannon, an intelligence analyst for the Middle East and North Africa,  talked about what prompted the protests, how they developed throughout the country, why the protests are notable, and what the government response has been. She then transitioned into the country’s outlook and what we may expect moving forward. Senior Security Advisor Tony Roccaforte provided advice for those in and surrounding Lebanon, and how to prepare should a critical event occur.



Read more about the protests and how they have been affected by the resignation of former Prime Minister Saad Hariri.


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