A large public university system maintains thousands of students in various study abroad programs in over 50 countries around the world, and needed an integrated approach to managing these travelers.

The client did not have a streamlined or real-time approach to monitoring its students abroad. Data regarding students’ trips were compiled into a spreadsheet, but this process could not capture real-time information or allow for quick response in the event of a crisis. The client was relying on its students to obtain their own insurance cards and travel polices – which was logistically very difficult to enforce.

WorldAware’s solution provided the ability to track every student’s whereabouts along with changes to itineraries and other information. Even if students cancelled their study abroad trips and others signed up for the program last minute, the solution created a seamless process that has saved significant time and effort on behalf of the client.


WorldAware’s Worldcue platform allows for up-to-date and consistent communication by providing POCs (point of contact), hotlines, customized intelligence, preplanning and incident response support. Most importantly, when an incident occurs, security, medical and insurance providers are able to pinpoint the location of every study abroad student individually. WorldAware enters student’s information, such as: program, address, emergency contacts, itineraries and other data into a manual feed. This program ensures complete visibility of students’ information; the data is integrated with the university, select risk managers at campuses, insurance providers, security and medical partners. WorldAware also continuously informs administrators on breaking news and events, reviewing communication, that help ensure the safety and security of the university’s student travelers.

In addition, WorldAware’s Threat Assessment Program helps evaluate risk to particularly vulnerable populations of traveling students and faculty members. For instance, WorldAware’s LGBT PRISM (Periodic Risk Intelligence and Security Monitor) allows the university to evaluate cultural and legal threats to LGBT colleagues. In many countries where LGBT activity is illegal, travelers can face official persecution. WorldAware’s analysis can help students and university administration make an informed choice about traveling to difficult environments and weighing the risks to LGBT travelers who may be harassed, arrested, or victimized by hate crimes. PRISM also provides advice for LGBT students and faculty to help minimize exposure to threats and ensure a safe and effective overseas experience.


WorldAware’s assistance has helped the client to reduce their significant exposure around the Duty of Care and duty to inform, and our comprehensive risk management program has also supported their global footprint and mitigate losses. Furthermore, it has empowered the university to keep its study abroad students safe by effectively monitoring emerging threats, alerting them of potential situations that could affect their trajectory as well as personal safety. Communicating profile threats to administrators, students, faculty or parents in a timely manner provides greater peace of mind and assists them in case of an emergency. A truly trusted relationship between the client and WorldAware has resulted. Mitigating risks has also led to lower costs for the client; the university is able to potentially save millions in possible Duty of Care issues or lawsuits, and avoid any associated reputational damage.

WorldAware solutions enable organizations to operate globally with confidence by helping them prepare, monitor and respond to threats that could impact operational performance. Contact usfor more information at info@worldaware.com.

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