WorldAware powers the travel risk management program for a multi-national pharmaceutical leader with office locations in more than 70 countries and more than 30,000 people. The company books more than 100,000 travel itineraries per year to more than 90 countries worldwide.

When the pharmaceutical company launched their WorldAware solution, the number of annual company trips was largely unknown as there was no single view of all travel. Each region operated independently, maintained their own vendors to manage travel, and offered their people different benefits. Having multiple systems led to duplicated efforts, increased expenditure, and decreased visibility of people traveling. The combination of these factors created an environment of higher risk to business operations.


A Global Solution

The company contracted WorldAware to complete a Travel Risk Management Maturity Model (TRM3) assessment that measures the maturity of a company’s risk management policies and procedures. The results encouraged the company’s leadership to form their Travel Safety Council and create the framework for their global corporate travel safety program. The Travel Safety Council comprises a group of individuals within the company who have volunteered their time and skills to implementing duty of care best practices across the company and ensuring the safety of all people. The group includes business leaders from multiple departments (security, travel, procurement, HR, risk/insurance, crisis management, and communications) from multiple countries around the world, including, China, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States. As an active participant in the Travel Safety Council, WorldAware leaders participate in council meetings to provide feedback on their program, risk management solution, and to share industry best practices. 


This collaborative approach has not only improved visibility on people’s travel destinations but has also improved how the company handles meetings and events. With WorldAware’s assistance, the Travel Safety Council supported the establishment and implementation of a new meetings and events policy. Through regular outreach and communication, the Travel Safety Council supported more than 450 meetings since its inception. Support includes providing additional safety and security advice using Worldcue® technology or customized assessments for the meeting locations held in higher risk destinations using their embedded WorldAware dedicated analysts.


Dedicated Analysts

The company’s people can request assistance and information through their travel safety program's hub, including the Security Command Center and all daily travel activity. The Security Command Center can respond to these requests using WorldAware Companion technology or in collaboration with their WorldAware dedicated analysts. These analysts are WorldAware employees that provide a unique benefit by maintaining a close relationship with the team of 24x7 analysts at WorldAware and tailor the analysis to the client’s specific footprint and business needs. The dedicated analysts worked closely with the Security Command Center to respond to more than 300 requests for information from the company’s people annually.


The analysts support the travel safety program by providing security briefings for high-risk travelers and the company’s executive leadership, analyzing hotel destinations for meetings and events, and recommending travel restrictions when necessary. The dedicated intelligence analysts serve the company beyond the travel safety program; they routinely respond to company inquiries from other departments, covering topics such as clinical operations, pharmaceutical industry trends, executive travel assistance, investigations, and threat forecasts. The analysts have also established an ongoing relationship with the employee participation program, a corporate social responsibility initiative that helps deliver needed medicines and pharmaceutical technology to areas in need around the world.



WorldAware helped the company create an integrated, global risk management program that has allowed the company to combine multiple data sources into a single view of global travel. The added benefit of a global feed of employee data gives the company visibility into how many employees they have at each office location. A consolidated view of all people information via WorldAware’s Companion platform allows the company to allocate appropriate resources for training and security support, as well as make important informed decisions and plans to manage their risks.

When my son’s international flight was delayed, the TravelSafe Security Command Center went above and beyond to help me track his new departure. The specialist’s concern and proactive response put my mind at ease so that I could get back to work. It’s really nice to know there’s someone with expertise watching out for traveling employees and their family members! -An Employee's Perspective

The Travel Safety Council meetings, along with the close collaboration with WorldAware, ensure that the company regularly reviews duty of care best practices and supports a framework for continuous improvement to the benefit of all people. Participation from multiple departments around the world has ensured a truly collaborative effort across the company, creating opportunities for growth where other companies may find roadblocks.


WorldAware’s dedicated analysts provide tailored analysis for the travel safety program's unique needs and footprint. Their insight into the company’s operations and culture allow them to provide valuable advice and support to the travel safety program and deliver key business intelligence for other programs and departments.

The company's relationship with WorldAware has created a culture where travel safety program is at the center of all travel activity. 

Since the start of the program in December 2013, the travel safety program has received more than 700 calls via the WorldAware dedicated hotline and assisted multiple people in distress with WorldAware’s support. Events range from minor issues such as lost wallets to more complex medical and security evacuations. Regardless of the event, the client and WorldAware work together to ensure best-in-class service to every person within the company.


About WorldAware

WorldAware, Inc. provides intelligence-driven, integrated risk management solutions that enable multinational organizations to operate globally with confidence. WorldAware’s end-to-end, tailored solutions integrate world-class threat intelligence, innovative technology, and response services to help organizations avoid threats, mitigate risk and protect their people, assets, and reputation. Founded in 1999, WorldAware is a privately held company headquartered in Annapolis, US with offices in London, Cape Town, and Singapore.


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