Rotary International required situational awareness of global events to support risk-based decision making and provide Duty of Care safety measures.

Founded in 1905, Rotary International (Rotary) is recognized as the world’s first volunteer humanitarian service organization. Today, Rotary flourishes worldwide with over 1 million members who make up more than 34,000 Rotary clubs in more than 200 countries and geographic areas. To serve communities in need, Rotary members travel and deliver services in locations around the globe, exposing themselves to potential high-risk destinations. When Rotary needed an effective way to obtain up-to-the moment situation awareness of global events to support their risk-based decision making, they turned to WorldAware for assistance.

Rotary’s mission to provide humanitarian services globally requires that they make operational and member safety decisions on an ongoing basis. To support these decisions, Rotary monitored online news sites in an effort to identify high risk locations that might be unsafe for member travel. Rotary expended valuable staff resources on an adhoc basis to do this monitoring and maintain a ‘travel ban list’. Realizing that monitoring and analyzing global events was both operationally critical and time-consuming, and not a Rotary core competency, Rotary decided to seek assistance.


Rotary turned to WorldAware International to assist them in developing their operational risk management program. WorldAware’s 24x7 Global Intelligence Operations is staffed by over 50 analysts and subject matter experts with linguistic capabilities covering over 25 languages. The division monitors and analyzes global events from over 19,000 sources of information and provides location-based, real-time intelligence to Rotary risk stakeholders on civil unrest, health alerts, criminal violence, and weather and transportation disruptions in areas relevant to Rotary. WorldAware’s intelligence is integrated with Worldcue®, WorldAware’s leading technology platform that delivers automated alerts and notifications to Rotary stakeholders and provides a common operating picture showing real-time threat exposures. “WorldAware’s intelligence is the ‘gold standard’ and provides forward-leaning insights on what’s really happening beneath the surface. Rotary is comprised of stakeholders from across the globe and WorldAware provides us with an unbiased point of view that resonates well with our multi-cultural organization”, says Robert Mintz, Travel Manager at Rotary.

“Rotary has a high risk tolerance policy and we need to have up-to-the moment and accurate intelligence to make sound decisions concerning funded travel assignments. I tailor the alerts we receive from WorldAware so that I am automatically notified when security levels are raised or lowered for specific countries. When situations escalate, I can rapidly identify the potentially affected travelers and in-country members so that we can rapidly respond and take proactive measures to ensure their safety,” adds Mintz.

Rotary also relies on WorldAware’s global response operation services when they enter high-risk locations and need the assurance that their personnel are protected. “When Rotary made a decision to report on humanitarian programs launched after the Haiti 2010 earthquake, we reached out to WorldAware to secure personal protection services for a US based photojournalist team. WorldAware’s services were exceptional and provided us with the assurance that we could capture and report on the story while protecting our people,” comments Robert Mintz

WorldAware’s Intelligence is the ‘gold standard and provides forward-leaning insights on what’s really happening beneath the surface. - Robert Mintz, Rotary International


With WorldAware’s Worldcue® intelligence, Rotary gains real-time visibility into their global risk exposure, helping them make accountable and verifiable decisions regarding travel project funding and safety.

By teaming with WorldAware to support their operational risk management program initiatives, Rotary can use their resources optimally to focus on their core mission objectives. “WorldAware provides us with actionable intelligence that enables us to make more informed, risk-mitigating decisions and provides us with assurance that we can efficiently and successfully support our mission across the globe” says Mintz.


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Case Study: Rotary International