A large multi-structured client has over 30,000 employees in over 120 offices worldwide, many of who travel to some areas of the world which require special security considerations and rely on WorldAware’s intelligence to support or add to their existing intelligence. Thus, in addition to travel support for their employees, the client has, with WorldAware’s assistance, upgraded their Security Operations Center (SOC) to more fully focus on employees’ security issues in addition to facility security.

The client has for years been relying on internally developed projects to acquire travel data, and to gather intelligence within several different platforms. The challenge and goal for the client was to reduce costs, outsource travel to capture a high percentage of employees’ travel, and combine all travel and intelligence data within a platform that does not require the client’s constant IT development and support.

Because the client’s employees have approximately 100,000 annual trips on operational missions to some of the most remote parts of the globe, keeping them safe – both at headquarters and in the field – is an enormous challenge. This is especially so because the very areas where the client’s projects take place (and, hence, in which the client’s employees live and regularly travel) are, by definition, the places with the least resilience and systems of personal protection. Moreover, the high iconic value of the client and its employees intrinsically increases the risk profile.

Given this setting, it is easy to see that keeping all client employees, projects, and the supporting infrastructure safe and functioning in all corners of the world requires visibility into the complete spectrum of threats and the synthesis of multiple, simultaneous streams of information – much of it incomplete and often competing or conflicting. Making sense of all this and translating that understanding into action is the job of the client’s Security Operations Center (SOC).


To effect the needed change, and deliver global situational awareness to the client’s management and employees, the SOC needed to become the Intelligence SOC (iSOC). iSOC is a significant upgrade from the mission of the client’s previous operations center. The previous SOC included essentially alarm and closed-circuit TV monitoring and response functions.

iSOC is an evolution to a more robust program under which iSOC personnel handle a wide spectrum of threats, problems, and other security, continuity, and safety matters. The operations center has transitioned from being a monitoring and dispatching center to being a fully operational crisis management center. To provide this advanced functionality, it was necessary to provide advanced tools and services to support their needs and augment their duties, such as:

  • Full operational risk management systems outsourced to WorldAware, which provided premium services including:
    • Worldcue Global Control Center (one platform for all travel and intelligence)
    • Intelligence package provided along with remote Planner link
    • 24/7 Intel and Monitoring
    • Integration of world travel data itinerary with HR profiles for all employees
    • Ability to provide expat and asset risk management
  • The iSOC is managed by WorldAware and has 17 dedicated analysts on site at the client’s headquarters, with oversight for monitoring and coordinating security issues within the headquarters as well as globally. The iSOC leverages its global situational awareness to provide the client’s management and employees with timely analysis of global threats and risk assessments.

As such, the primarily responsibilities for iSOC include:

  • Management of all security and business continuity operations
  • Monitoring electronic systems and multiple information sources
  • Detecting and responding to conditions that affect the safety and security of the client resources

iSOC achieves its mission by finding, collecting, organizing, and analyzing information that can be quickly distributed to the client’s personnel and key stakeholders.


A key differentiator WorldAware brings to the iSOC is the caliber of employees hired. The iSOC is not employed by standard contract security guards, but rather with WorldAware analysts and managers with a varied background in intelligence analysis and security operations. The employees at the iSOC also has the added “depth of bench” provided by the WorldAware Integrated Operations Center (IOC) located in Annapolis and its Regional Intelligence Operations Centers in London and Singapore. The clients meet daily to discuss ongoing issues in the world and provide back up and support as needed.

WorldAware analysts/iSOC personnel are expected to look within and outside the client’s office for important information. Important tips frequently come from the client’s employees and partners. It is not uncommon for iSOC personnel to learn of an incident or trend long before the mainstream media. For example, iSOC was informed by the client’s employees of the Taliban attacks on hotels in Kabul a full half-hour before the story broke on Reuters, CNN, or the Washington Post. These types of relationships enable iSOC to both receive information and disseminate intelligence rapidly and with context that imparts real meaning and insight.

iSOC is more than a location. It is a set of people, processes, and systems designed to receive, interpret, repackage, and disseminate information. As such, with WorldAware’s assistance, iSOC is able to cast its nets far and wide to predict, mitigate, and respond to problems and threats of all varieties everywhere the client has a presence.


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