An essential component of WorldAware’s integrated risk management approach is traveler preparedness training. Through WorldAware University clients have access to subject matter experts (SME) who tie together best-in-class intelligence, real world experience, and case studies on a learn-from-anywhere training platform. WorldAware University provides live and recorded webinars on breaking issues, on-demand courses, classroom sessions, customized training programs, downloadable resources, and cultural awareness videos, allowing employers to address Duty of Care concerns around travel safety conveniently and at low cost.

Feedback from Participants of Female Traveler Safety Webinar

“It made me more aware of new dangers while traveling that I would never have thought about, and how important planning prior to my trips is.”

“…..I appreciated the specific guidance for women around cultural norms (gestures, clothing, etc.), packing, sexual harassment, and sexual assault.”

“Very comprehensive and practical. I like all the practical tips about how to avoid standing out (e.g. having a carrier bag from a local shop and observing how local women dress to replicate).”

“The presentation contained a great deal of useful, practical information that would be valuable to our business travelers.”

“One of my business roles is Travel Security and advising our business travelers (including women). Therefore, I took it as a knowledge ‘cross-check’ in first instance and took away a few points or reminders. Much appreciated!”


The number of female travelers is at an all-time high; whether businesswomen, students, teachers, volunteers, or tourists, over 50% of travelers today are women. Against a backdrop of growing global security concerns, the risks facing female travelers are more pervasive than ever. The health and safety needs of female travelers differ from those of their male counterparts. Just as universities are emphasizing the need for novice student travelers to be trained – or as other organizations are underscoring the need for LGBT travelers to know local laws in different countries – it is important for female travelers to receive training that highlights specific security and health risks and the importance of operating within different cultural and social norms. This training can help female travelers develop situational awareness, which is critical to safety and security when traveling and adapting to new environments.

To address the need for unique training for women, WorldAware developed and presented a Female Traveler Safety webinar in February 2015. Over 500 people attended the live session, and an additional 300 have viewed the recording. Given the overwhelming response, WorldAware subject matter experts created a more in-depth training module entitled “Female Safety Training: Travel Globally with Confidence,” with a downloadable white paper available for the traveling business woman. The product includes an hour-long recorded presentation divided into four modules, with periodic interactive knowledge checks:

  • How to prepare for safe travel
  • How to minimize health risks
  • How to minimize security risks
  • How to handle emergency situations, should they arise

The training product equips participants with the advance knowledge they need to prepare for known and unforeseen risks when traveling abroad, and covers topics such as Communications/Technology, Culture, Environment, What to Pack, Traveling while Pregnant, Financial, Health, Language, Laws/Legal System, Transportation, Security, Hotel Fire Threats, Kidnapping Threats, Being Detained in a Foreign Country, Theft and Scams, Sexual Harassment, and Best Practices to Minimize Risks.


The Instructors

What catapults WorldAware’s training programs a level above its industry competitors is the cultural competency of its staff and the high quality of their expertise. The qualifications of the presenters of the Female Traveler Safety training include:

Joan Morgan, Director Analytic Personnel

Joan joined WorldAware in April 2013 following a distinguished 30-year career with the Central Intelligence Agency. Prior to her retirement from the Senior Intelligence Service in July 2012, Joan was the Chief of a National Clandestine Service (NCS) training facility and held numerous posts, including Chief, Near East and South Asia Division Intelligence Staff; Deputy Chief, Intelligence Staff in Afghanistan; Chief, Latin America Division Intelligence Staff; and Deputy Chief, Counterterrorism Center (CTC) Intelligence Staff.

During her career, she served in eight overseas permanent duty locations, including Peru, Russia, Switzerland, Uruguay, the UK, Denmark, Mexico, and Afghanistan, and has traveled extensively in Central and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. She holds a master’s degree in Latin American Studies from Georgetown University and a BA in Political Science and Spanish from Dickinson College.

Katherine Harmon, Director of Health Intelligence

Prior to joining WorldAware, Katherine was a Senior Clinical Physician Assistant with Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, the primary management and operating contractor for the Department of Energy’s Savannah River Site. She has over 12 years of clinical experience in Internal Medicine and Occupational Medicine and Health. She has also consulted with government and private firms as an SME in Chemical/Bio Security matters and analyses, having worked with URS Corporation and as an independent consultant serving the Department of Defense and private clients. Katherine holds a degree in Criminal Justice from University of North Carolina, Charlotte and Allied Health Science/Physician Assistant Studies from the Medical College of Georgia.

Custom Training Solutions

WorldAware can customize any training according to an organization’s specific security or educational needs. Trainings can be developed for high-risk destinations and include tailored health and security summaries. However, trainings can also offer a baseline of understanding to employees on travel and safety for the work environment at home and abroad, and offer various modules, including General Risk Management, Intelligence for Global Issues, Traveler and Expatriate Risk Management, Operational Risk Management, Workplace Violence and Security, and Health Security. WorldAware trainings are cost-effective and powerful tools that adds immense value to an organization’s Duty of Care protocols.


WorldAware solutions enable organizations to operate globally with confidence by helping them prepare, monitor and respond to threats that could impact operational performance. Contact us for more information at


Case Study: Female Traveler Security