The client is a leading global maker and supplier of consumer goods, with 12,000 employees and over $9 billion in annual revenue. Of these 12,000 employees, nearly half travel the globe to both high and low risk destinations. With operations in over 70 countries, the client requires an upgrade in travel risk management programs that would also allow for enhanced communication between the client and the TRM/security provider. The main challenges for the client includes providing employees with adequate intelligence before and during their travel, monitoring travelers impacted by global events, and ensuring their compliance with the company’s travel program – including pretrip preparedness, downloading mobile applications and using the 24/7 hotline. Furthermore, the current provider that the client was using did not possess a userfriendly website that was very interactive; nor was it easy to extrapolate traveler details from it or run traveler reports. Concerned with the safety and security of their employees, who make an average of 30,000 trips per year to 85 locations globally, and their 150 expats on the ground, the client approached WorldAware in 2013 to explore various avenues of collaboration.


WorldAware and the client partnered to build the client’s TRM program, which was customized for their travel needs. In order to help capture, monitor and provide response services to the client’s travelers, WorldAware provided custom program communications, intelligence and online training for them. WorldAware’s extensive training platforms – from webinars to in person trainings - allowed company employees to become comfortable accessing user-friendly applications. WorldAware also worked with the client’s Global Operating Center to train employees on how to extract pertinent information from systems, and how to better verbalize with travelers and answer their questions. “Giveaway’s” such as magnets, wallet cards, and first aid kits, complete with WorldAware’s hotline number and name inscribed on them, further highlighted WorldAware’s efforts to communicate essential information to employees. At several junctures in its relationship with the client, WorldAware proactively assisted its employees to travel globally with confidence in order to meet the demands of their business. For example, when the Global Security Director was on board a plane in Chicago, he was informed by WorldAware that cab drivers had gone on strike in his destination city of Paris. The Director immediately contacted his administrator, who then arranged for a private car service to transport him to his meeting in Paris. This smooth and timely relay of information was not only convenient, but also ensured his safety upon arrival. Another time, an employee working in Brazil became ill. Upon calling the 24/7 hotline, WorldAware immediately put him in touch with a local medical provider, and also educated him on what kind of questions to ask the provider. WorldAware also Key Benefits • Up-to-the-moment situational awareness • Program management and support • Rapid, responsive emergency assistance if needed • Protection of assets and personnel • Trust-building relationship between WorldAware and client • Ongoing comprehensive global intelligence • Mobile and online traveler tracking services Copyright © 2018 WorldAware. Worldcue, Travel Intelligence, WorldAware, Critical Trac, Critical Monitor, Worldcue Companion, and Worldcue Tracker are registered trademarks of WorldAware. All rights reserved. 185 Admiral Cochrane Drive, Annapolis, MD 21401 USA. | WorldAware / CS-0012/01 contacted the Global Security Director and subsequently followed up on the condition of the traveler. The employee was very grateful that he “wasn’t alone” in a foreign country where potentially, anything could have gone wrong.

WorldAware’s employees have repeatedly demonstrated that they truly listen to a client to understand their needs and they work hard to deliver sound solutions that address those needs even if it requires WorldAware to look at new ideas. -- Risk Manager, Consumer Goods

WorldAware Value

The client’s increased ability to plan for and manage travel disruptions has resulted in a more expansive, global view of employee travel and the various levels of threat exposure. Continuous trainings have helped to inform the client’s business decisions, while customized intelligence has aided Global Security to manage threats. Advertising and promoting the TRM program internally has escalated adoption/use of the program among its travelers; features such as the mobile app have significantly improved employee compliance. Additionally, WorldAware’s outreach has brought an immeasurable ROI - the “human touch”. The fact that employees often share their travel stories reflects how WorldAware has also effectively improved and enriched the traveler experience.


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