Amidst the chaos that erupted during Egypt’s June 2013 civil uprising, WorldAware provided real time intelligence and analysis, monitoring and advice, and operational assistance to numerous clients based in the country. This included preparing them with up to the moment situational updates, monitoring changing and volatile conditions, and responding to escalating threats by coordinating logistics for safe havens and secure transport. WorldAware also identified the exact locations of affected travelers and in-country personnel, initiated 24/7 communication protocols, and provided advice to over 50+ clients, resulting in over 300 employees self-evacuating. In addition, WorldAware managed local, incountry security partners to conduct five separate missions providing secure transportation to commercial airports, resulting in 18 successful evacuations to international destinations.


On June 17th 2013, WorldAware’s Global Operations Center began closely evaluating the impact of tensions erupting between Egypt’s pro and anti-government supporters on its clients. WorldAware’s world-class 24/7 Global Intelligence Operations provided critical intelligence on the emergence of the conflict to over 580 global clients. Using Worldcue®, WorldAware’s patented system, WorldAware published daily intelligence briefings and 33 Egypt-specific real-time alerts that were delivered to over 7,500 potentially affected travelers and 21,500 designated client users, and 180,000 travel partner users spanning a three-week period. The Incident Management Team was stood up at Command Center in Annapolis, MD and provided rapid, on-the-ground assistance, intelligence, and client decision support. Intelligence was continuously analyzed in the light of growing threats, including tactical information from on the ground resources regarding airport closures and roadblocks. Armed with this knowledge, WorldAware advised clients to depart the country and reduce their footprint as much as possible. By June 28th, as the security situation deteriorated, clients continued to reach out for assistance and information via WorldAware’s 24/7 hotline. Fortunately, hundreds heeded WorldAware’s advice and safely departed the nation. By July 1st, a coup and accompanying civil uprising had paralyzed the country. WorldAware’s team established primary and alternate communications and conducted detailed secure ground transportation, route, and air travel plans under compressed timelines. Safe haven was coordinated for 12 remaining clients in Cairo, who were subsequently securely transported to the airport, where existing WorldAware relationships with airport officials allowed the evacuees smooth passage onto pre-arranged commercial air flights.

"Can you get my son out of Egypt?” This was the plea of a desperate mother who contacted WorldAware’s Managing Director of Global Operations directly on his cell phone at 2AM. The 12-year old child was visiting the country with his mother, who was working in Egypt and forced to stay behind to accompany a group of students on a foreign exchange program. WorldAware quickly responded to the mother’s request by coordinating logistics and resources and safely evacuating the child. There were others. All were evacuated safely.


WorldAware’s Prepare Monitor and Respond services to clients in Egypt effectively enabled a successful operation from front to end, saving potential losses in costs and lives. “WorldAware’s expertise and skill in smoothly executing the operation, from the initial planning stages to the final evacuation of clients, is key. Our Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence (C3I) support, emanating directly from our headquarters in Annapolis, MD, instilled confidence in clients, adding an intangible but tremendous benefit to them.” – George Taylor, WorldAware’s Managing Director of Global Operations WorldAware’s real-time intelligence provided clients with up-to-the-moment situational awareness, empowering them to make informed decisions concerning the safety and security of their personnel and assets in Egypt. This preparation allowed clients to meet their duty of care obligations. With accurate 24/7 intelligence on escalating risks in Egypt, WorldAware security subject matter experts were able to advise clients about how rapidly changing conditions impacted them on the ground. The self-evacuation of personnel in advance of the potential coup was crucial; the repercussions of not meeting this duty of care, especially in such a highly fluid and charged environment, included potential litigation, reputational damage and possibly losing lives on the ground. The robust intelligence integration capabilities of WorldAware’s Worldcue® platform provided automated notifications and a common view of the potential threats to specific travelers and location-based assets and personnel. Also, by leveraging our mobile application and client-tailored communication tools, WorldAware ascertained the location of its remaining 12 clients, gathered them into a central safe haven, and conducted safety checks via telephone every six hours to ensure their wellbeing. This provided client personnel with the assurance that they can always access help or be accessed when assistance was needed. Changing conditions in Egypt were met with rapid response by WorldAware’s Global Operations team, which assisted clients before the security situation exploded into chaos. This pro-active approach not only protected lives on the ground, but also prevented clients from incurring extraordinary costs associated with evacuating personnel in the midst of a violent coup. Our coordinated case management also provided a single point of contact to facilitate communications and logistics with clients, their Egypt based personnel, and WorldAware’s security and medical response teams.


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Case Study: Civil Unrest in Egypt