June 09, 2020

In honor of Pride month, we have put together the following expert resources to help educate and reduce risk to LGBTQ personnel within your organization. Learn the most up-to-date information on events during this year's Pride month, how to protect LGBTQ travelers, and other topical issues poignant to reducing security threats unique to LGBTQ individuals from our renowned experts.



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On Air with WorldAware: How the Repeal of Section 377 in India Affects LGBTQ Social Acceptance | June 12, 2019

On-Air: PRIDE Event Safety for LGBTQ Individuals | June 12, 2019



WorldAware PRISM Subscriptions

WorldAware’s LGBTQ Periodic Risk Intelligence and Security Monitor (PRISM) covers global attitudes, events, and other issues that have the potential to affect the safety of LGBTQ persons. An annual subscription gives you access to an annual report, quarterly newsletters, and a PRISM-specific risk assessment rating insight. The reports and newsletters include expert analysis of key issues and threats unique to LGBTQ individuals for countries around the world.

PRISM Annual Report

The PRISM annual report is a country-by-country assessment providing a security risk rating and trend analysis for each country, a breakdown of the legal environment, a societal acceptance assessment, and a government and police discrimination assessment. Also included are focused reviews of select higher threat countries.

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PRISM Quarterly Newsletters

This report focuses on unique events and issues that have the potential to affect LGBTQ persons. You’ll find a 3-month look-back analysis of these events as well as key threats and on-going issues for LGBTQ individuals and their families. Additionally, you’ll receive a list of upcoming regional events, such as LGBTQ Pride events, conferences, and international days of awareness.

PRISM Security Assessment Ratings (PSAR)

The PSAR is a unique evaluation of the overall LGBTQ security threat of a given geographical area. Each PSAR category is given an overall security rating that reflects the legal environment, punishment, enforcement, and social acceptance.

To learn more about WorldAware’s PRISM subscriptions, visit Threat Intelligence and Assessment Reports or request additional information.



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