June 05, 2020

In light of Worldwide Food Safety Day and Food Safety Awareness Month, we have put together the following expert resources to reduce the risk of product contamination and exposure to foodborne illness within your organization. Learn the latest knowledge on the food supply chain, food safety, how to establish a strong food safety culture, and more from our renowned experts. 



In the News

COVID-19's Impact on the Food Supply Chain | In an interview with CNBC, food safety and contamination prevention expert Dr. Gary Weber, dispels fears about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the food supply chain and shares insight on threats the pandemic has actually posed. 

Food Safety and Expiration Dates | In light of the pandemic, Huffington Post asked food safety experts about expiration dates of food. Find out what 6 foods with expiration dates you can safely ignore. 



7 Steps to Establish a Food Safety Culture | Find out if your organization is encouraging a positive food safety culture, and learn how to by introducing 7 key elements to all levels of your personnel. 

Food Safety and Preparation Tips | Learn the essential guidelines of food preparation to mitigate the risk of your exposure to contaminated food and food contamination illnesses. 

Importance of Food Safety Standards in the Global Economy | Reduce the risk of product contamination to your organization by fully understanding the need to implement high food safety standards. 

Listeria: a Product Recall Risk in Food Industry | Understand more about this bacteria commonly found in the environment and associated with ready-to-eat (RTE) foods, the threat it poses to the global food industry and how to address listeria risk in business operations. 




On-Air with WorldAware: The Current and Future Direction of Produce Safety | Watch this on-demand briefing presented by food safety and contamination prevention expert Dr. Gary Weber addressing key factors affecting food safety and get advice on maintaining produce safety standards. 



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