February 19, 2019

Some prefer warm sand and cool water while others look forward to crisp air and fresh, powdery snow. Maybe you’ve saved up to go to a beach or procured a group to embark on a backpacking trip. Regardless of your epic destination, you’ve already accomplished some planning to organize the trip with friends. Make sure to also use the following logistics tips to ensure your safety while traveling. 


Know local laws regarding medications. 

Use these general guidelines when traveling with any prescription medication:

  • Keep the medication in its original container.
  • Have an original copy of the prescription in your travel documents.
  • Include a physician or provider’s note on letterhead proving your need to take the medicine.
  • Obtain a letter from the embassy of your destination for highly controlled substances such as narcotics or amphetamines.

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Make copies of your passport.

Keep a copy in your hotel room safe and one in each bag you bring. Be sure to give a copy to friends or family members who are not staying with you. They can use it to help in case yours gets stolen or lost abroad.


Know how you will get to and from your destination(s).

Use pre-arranged transportation wherever possible. Use well-marked radio taxis, taxi stands where available, or have a taxi or car services ordered by your hotel. Don’t assume you will be able to use your cell phone when you make it out of the airport. These are plans to make before you arrive, so you can ensure your and your group’s safety. Ride share services may not be reliable at your destination. 

Learn what items you can bring on the plane, cruise ship, or other mode of travel. 

Acceptable items you bring on an airplane as a carry-on may not be legal to bring on a cruise ship. Also make sure to check the currency of your destination and if they accept your country’s monies. 


Make a written list of contact information- yes, on a piece of paper. 

Although the first instinct is to have all information transcribed digitally, it’s a good idea to have tangible notes should anything happen to your mobile device, computer, or tablet. Use these as a guideline to have noted on your phone and on paper:

  • Store contact information of your country’s embassy and consulates.
  • Write down the address, front desk number, and confirmation number of the hotel you are staying. 
  • Keep a hold of the contact information of the transportation company you are using to get around your destination. 


Communication is key. 

Checking in with your travel party every few hours is important for your safety and peace of mind for the group. Plan a way to communicate, whether it’s stopping by the room and leaving a note or bringing walkie-talkies. Applications on smartphones like WhatsApp can be used to chat with your group members, if connected to WiFi. 

Remember: be smart. Exercise basic precautions to ensure your safety while having a great time. Find more advice on how to be vigilant while traveling

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