The situation relative to the COVID-19 pandemic remains fluid. Governmental regulations and established travel restrictions are evolving quickly and with little notice. Local governments, host nation regulations, established travel restrictions, and infectious disease mitigation controls continue to dictate response capabilities.

WorldAware’s team of security experts and analysts are in close contact with health authorities, including the World Health Organization (WHO) and Center for Disease Control (CDC), European Center for Disease Control (ECDC), Civil Aviation Authorities, and other health, government, central and local authorities.

WorldAware security, risk, and crisis management capabilities can assist organizations as they exercise, test and evolve their response to COVID-19.


Risk Management Planning

WorldAware assists clients in understanding their risk profile, drafting and implementing processes and procedures, and developing planning competencies that build resilience at all organizational levels - from overarching Crisis Management and Business Continuity Plans, to tactical-level Incident Management and Emergency Response Plans. WorldAware will also assist organizations with auditing existing plans and procedures, identifying gaps in key processes, and recommending corrective actions. 



WorldAware assists clients with validating existing plans through realistic training scenarios aimed at building your organization's capability to respond effectively and efficiently to any disruption. The focus of WorldAware's training scenarios is always on learning, not on testing. WorldAware can facilitate and evaluate operations-based (functional) exercises and discussion-based (tabletop) exercises for Crisis Management Teams, Emergency Response Teams, and Incident Management Teams. WorldAware also offers a suite of instructor-led organizational risk management courses that can be tailored to meet almost any organizational need.


Risk Intelligence & Assessment Reports

A 24x7 intelligence capability is needed for monitoring events around the world. As an organizational risk management competency, monitoring requires multi-sourced data, standardized processes, analytics, and a team of regional and category subject matter experts. WorldAware provides daily intelligence reports, impact assessments, traveler tracking, and alerts for emerging or dynamic events impacting clients across the globe. Access to actionable intelligence and assessment reports drive the development of operational protocols, communication processes, and event triggers as part of the proactive strategy for managing risk and improving decision support for you and your team.


Security Operations Center Support & Hotline Services

24x7 Dedicated Hotline

During this time of crisis and uncertainty, the hotline is a turnkey, integrated service that connects your people to the assistance they need with a single call. Our team will follow emergency response protocols developed and designed with you, which includes triggers for activating established plans, clear escalation procedures, concise messaging, and flexible check-in options for personnel. WorldAware’s globally situated Integrated Operations Centers provide 24/7 Hotline coverage and deliver sustained communications and coordination. Your employees will have a single emergency number to call from anywhere in the world, minimizing errors or confusion in reaching out for help during the crisis. 

Critical Trac

Using GPS tracking, we monitor your people’s location, and in the event of an emergency, enact your tailored, specific response protocols to support your operational requirements. WorldAware’s Critical Trac™ provides your personnel the ability to check in, send a crisis alert, and communicate with a security team at any time. It also provides your security team with the mechanism to have visibility of on-the-ground movements. Critical Trac™ is managed 24/7 out of our globally based operations centers, providing you with the extensive experience and expertise of our response operations team.

Critical Monitor

WorldAware Critical Monitor makes sure you know which of your people could be impacted by a critical life-threatening incident. Our security experts are constantly monitor COVID-19, and other, events around the world and assess their impact on your organization's global footprint. If a critical event potentially impacts your people, we dynamically generate reports detailing your people potentially at risk given the impact radius of the event. Our team notifies your designated points of contact, provides an Impact Assessment, and delivers tailored advice and immediate mitigation options.  Our response operations experts are an extension of your team, monitoring the world on behalf of your organization and helping you keep your people informed and safe.

Dedicated Analysts

As an extension of your operations, WorldAware provides several options for short-term or long-term outsourced positions, which can be embedded on-site at your offices or work remotely. Dedicated analysts can increase your awareness of vulnerabilities and opportunities with customized assessments that map existing, such as COVID-19, and potential threats to your personnel, facilities, and supply chains. Our dedicated personnel are drawn from our uniquely trained team and are prepared to immediately begin developing and delivering your tailored intelligence solution. They operate using the proven analytical approach and methodologies of WorldAware and are backed by all of WorldAware’s analytical, operational and technical knowledge and experience.


Mass Notification Services & Critical Event Communications

During a time of crisis, such as the COVID-19 outbreak, an effective, reliable mass notification platform is critical for communicating with your organization. WorldAware Communicator is a mass notification solution that delivers fast, worldwide, two-way communication to an individual or group. Whether forewarning of potential threats or communicating during a critical event, WorldAware Communicator is the only solution that uses multimodal, two-way communications to seamlessly and dynamically connect alerts and incidents to those who may be impacted. Messages can be delivered by email, SMS, in-app push to WorldAware Mobile, and text-to-voice. Set up pre-defined groups and utilize our ready-to-use templates for fast delivery. Multiple survey questions can also be added to a communication when specific information is required back to the organization – and seamlessly monitor all responses on a single dashboard. WorldAware Communicator ensures that you get the right information out to the people who need it.  


Response and Recovery

Actionable intelligence and planning can preempt many situations, but the threat of an unexpected situation may result in the need to urgently evacuate personnel from an affected area. We mobilize to assist your personnel in evacuating from high-risk situations at short notice and have extensive experience in carrying out such operations for both individuals and large groups. We utilize our extensive operational experience and analytical resources in assessing the situation and formulating a plan to get your people to safety, all the while keeping you fully appraised of the decision-making process and providing regular updates. All response operations are managed and supervised by our Crisis Management Team with close client coordination, providing ongoing situational updates throughout completion of the mission. Due to the highly fluid nature of the current COVID-19 outbreak, and high level of restrictions and involvement of authorities globally, response efforts will require high degree of flexibility.


Recovery & After-action Review

Once organizations have taken measures to ensure the safety of personnel following a disruption, focus should shift, if necessary, to the recovery of essential operations and critical functions and the protection of the organization's brand and reputation. Recovery efforts should be documented in formal Crisis Management Plans (CMPs) and Business Continuity Plans (BCPs). However, in the event your organization's plans are ineffective or non-existent, WorldAware stands ready to offer guidance and organize ad hoc response and recovery efforts on your behalf.


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