Incidents happen. When they do, being prepared and having expert support and guidance to lead you through it will protect your business operations, reputation, and profitability. WorldAware’s Product Safety arm offers a wide range of mitigation and response consultancy services to help clients minimize risks and reduce the impact of contaminated and malfunctioning product recall, tamper, and extortion events on their organization. 

We help your organization develop quality assurance systems, ensure regulatory compliance, manage public relations, and maintain preparedness with accredited training courses, crisis simulation exercises, and comprehensive audits. If an incident does occur, our multidisciplinary team is available to help you function efficiently, either on-site or remotely, throughout a product-related crisis and to prevent the crises from becoming a reputational disaster. 


Our Experience

WorldAware has an exceptional team of worldwide consultants with extensive experience. Whether you manufacture food, pharmaceuticals, automotive parts, or consumer goods, our network of trusted specialists can mitigate risks and respond to incidents related to your products. Our team has supported over 1,500 product recalls and has decades of experience helping well-respected organizations across Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Americas reduce risk. 

Product Risk Sectors

  • Food and Beverage
  • Consumer Products
  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Environmental
  • Health and Safety


Product Risk Services

  • Crisis management plans development & support: To ensure your organization has suitable procedures in place to deal with an emergency, our experienced team of specialists will perform a detailed review of your existing documentation, including Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCPs) and product recall, crisis management, and food defense plans. We also provide your organization’s crisis team with extensive support as events unfold, ensuring that all aspects associated with the crisis are considered and managed effectively.
  • Simulation exercises: To help you better prepare for and reduce the impact of a potential crisis, we conduct live scenario exercises which are customized to the risks your day-to-day business operations may face.
  • Gap analysis: We identify weaknesses in your and your suppliers’ food safety and crisis management or quality procedures. WorldAware’s online Gap Analysis Tool is specifically designed to assist clients in the food and beverage sector.
  • On-site risk assessments: We help you identify any weaknesses that could increase your risk profile through on-site reviews at your and your suppliers’ facilities.
  • Program review and development: To ensure you have the best possible procedures in place and that they comply with applicable regulations, we can help develop Quality Management, Health and Safety, Food Preparation, Sanitation, and Supply Chain Management programs.
  • Product recall and traceability: To help protect your business and minimize potential financial losses in the event of a crisis, we advise on the appropriate actions to be taken and assist in identifying the root cause of any problems. Our specialists will also recommend a plan of action to ensure business continuity.
  • Product testing: WorldAware has access to worldwide independent testing facilities and laboratories to assist in determining issues which may arise with client products. Analytical results can be discussed with a product specialist who also can provide on-site support when necessary.
  • Regulatory support: Our legal specialists are familiar with global statutory frameworks and practical operating procedures and are well placed to provide the most appropriate support and advice to minimize any possible impact on your business.
  • Crisis communications: WorldAware can help your organization avoid damage to your reputation through negative media coverage of a situation. We have a proven track record in providing invaluable assistance and guidance in preparing appropriate communications across various media and social channels to address the concerns of the media, shareholders, customers, employees, and the public, effectively managing the impact of the crisis.
  • Technical product expertise: You’ll need expert guidance when trying to identify the root cause of an issue and resolve it. Our team includes food microbiologists, environmental health practitioners, technical experts, and engineers who can provide support across a number of product sector issues.
  • Malicious product tampering: WorldAware’s team of specialists will ensure you cover all available options and make the best decision based on the evidence to resolve a Malicious Product Tamper (MPT) incident.
  • Reverse logistics: Should your business be unable to recover or repair products via your own supply chain network, WorldAware has access to global resources that can assist with logistical considerations so that action to be taken to remedy the issue.



To manage an incident effectively, all people across your organization must have the appropriate training to ensure they can follow best-practice procedures for the industry. WorldAware is an accredited course provider for the International HACCP Alliance, Royal Society for Public Health, and Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, with trainers in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Courses are delivered to suit client requirements either on-site or, where requested, via our online e-learning platform.