Speed and reliability through seamless communication of events helps save lives.

Whether forewarning of a potential threat or communicating during a critical event, you need to know which of your people or assets is at risk and quickly deliver essential information.

Worldcue COMMUNICATOR is the only mass notification solution that seamlessly integrates real-time threat intelligence and critical events, dynamic lists of people exposed, and two-way multi-modal communications.


Real-Time Threat Intelligence and Dynamic Exposure Calculations

WorldAware delivers real-time threat intelligence and automatically calculates a threat exposure to determine which of your people may be impacted. With a single click, you can send a communication to all those potentially at risk in order to give advice and confirm safety.


Two-Way Multi-Modal Messaging

To help your people avoid, prepare for or respond to critical events, you need to know your message is being received. With Worldcue COMMUNICATOR, your message is delivered by email, SMS, in-app push to Worldcue MOBILE, and/or text-to-voice. And, each message can be set to require a response and be automatically scheduled to re-send at a specified interval until a reply has been received.


Monitor Responses

All responses to your messages can be easily viewed on a single dashboard. With a glance, you’ll know whether your people are safe or need assistance. If the need for assistance is indicated or no reply is received, you can enact the appropriate emergency and risk management plans to ensure the safety of your people.


This mass notification solution can be seamlessly integrated with Worldcue Companion and WorldAware's managed 24x7 Global Assistance and Response service for a complete end-to-end operational risk management and critical event management solution that protects your people and operations around the world.