Managed service delivers always-on monitoring of events and fast life safety confirmation.

Your people face risks anytime and anywhere. Keeping them informed and safe is a 24x7 job. But staffing a security operations center with experienced, trained personnel who can be ready to respond anytime of day or night is a challenge for organizations of all sizes.

WorldAware's CRITICAL OUTREACH service is an always-on, always-available and always-monitoring service that watches the world and your people, so you don't have to.

Extend Your Security and Risk Management Capabilities

Critical Outreach enables organizations to extend the capability of their security team, enabling outreach to personnel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without additional staffing. With Critical Outreach, organizations deliver peace of mind to their people, knowing they have around-the-clock security support and safety verification around the world.

Leverage WorldAware's 24x7 Response Operations Center (ROC)

Critical Outreach makes use of WorldAware's global Response Operations Center. The ROC is fully staffed 24x7 with highly qualified and trained security experts who are prepared to conduct proactive outreach to your people during any critical or life-safety event.

Ensure Duty of Care

Organizations can fulfill their duty of care requirements, for their people around the world, by offering WorldAware's highly experienced global security team to monitor critical events and check on the safety of potentially affected personnel.


Critical Outreach is a managed service that extends your security team's capabilities. When WorldAware issues a critical alert indicating a mass casualty or life-safety incident, the company's Response Operations Center proactively identifies and reaches out to, via two-way communications, those people potentially affected by the incident, confirming their safety. If someone needs assistance, that situation is automatically escalated so pre-defined protocols can be quickly enacted to ensure safety.