Worldcue® Traveler is designed to help your organization prepare, monitor, and respond to a broad range of potential operational disruptions and threats to personnel. The comprehensive online platform is a critical component for the effective provision of duty of care, allowing you to manage travel itineraries, provide awareness of security threats, and ensure the most appropriate mitigation and response strategies.


Worldcue® Traveler allows you to:

  • Make sure your personnel are informed of your organization’s travel policies before they depart: You can use the “welcome page” to display key organization-specific directives, messages, or advice.
  • See a full listing of trips, assignments, and dates of travel: Your colleagues can view all their past, current, and upcoming trips or add air, hotel, car, and rail information. This provides your organization’s Worldcue Global Control Center (GCC) administrator with a complete picture of employees who are on the move and potentially exposed.
  • Access itinerary-specific security information: To reduce your travelers’ risk, a link in the itinerary directs them to a comprehensive destination threat report, including relevant security and health alerts, travel tips, cultural dos and don'ts, useful telephone numbers, entry/exit guidelines, and a host of other travel-related information. Access the full database of WorldAware’s country and city intelligence, including Country Security Assessment Ratings (CSARs), which offer a quick way to gauge and prepare for potential threats such as crime, civil unrest, terrorism, and kidnapping.
  • Make sure your people are reachable in an emergency: Platform users can capture, in one place, all their travelers’ primary and secondary contact information, as well as relevant medical information, and quickly access it in the event of an emergency.
  • Maintain travel provider flexibility: If a trip is booked through a travel provider that is not the organization’s official travel management company, it can still be added manually, ensuring all travel details are in the system, whether automated or not.

This video provides an overview of the Location Intel tab in Worldcue® Traveler.