Monitor assets and personnel in relation to security issues so you are always aware of who is where and what is happening globally and can take effective steps to protect your organization and people if a threat arises.


Worldcue® Global Control Center (GCC) is the central hub of WorldAware’s proprietary Worldcue® product suite and provides you the following features to monitor your risk exposure:

  • Know what is going on around the world at all times and see your risk exposure: WorldAware alerts keep you informed 24/7 of Security, Transportation, Health, Entry/Exit, Financial, Language, Cultural, Environmental, Legal and Technology issues. Get a clear picture of how incidents may impact your personnel or organization, as each alert comes with a severity rating and contextualized analysis. 
  • Know where your people are located globally, and who may be at risk: Worldcue GCC provides detailed information on employee risk through our Employee Threat Exposure Dashboard, Employee Locator, and Flight Locator.
  • Meet your corporate obligations: Worldcue GCC is a central part of any effective Travel Risk Management plan aligning your organization with best-practice business continuity, duty-of-care and risk management policies.
  • Set customized messages to your personnel: When your people log trips or new assignments they will get an email, that you can customize to suit your organization's policies and directives, and how to access all the benefits of the Worldcue systems, including the desktop and mobile solutions.
  • Get notified if certain triggers are hit: You can select to get notified if certain triggers are hit that could indicate an elevated risk, such as if travel is booked to high-risk destination, if VIPs are booked on a trip, if too many of your people are on the same flight or if bookings are made on non-approved airlines.  
  • Know when your organization's assets may be threatened: Get detailed information on what organizational assets may be at risk, through Asset Threat Exposure Dashboard and Asset Management tools. You can also set up notifications to alert you to specific threats that could impact your assets.
  • Be knowledgeable of the broader risks in locations where your organization is active: Help minimize risk and manage uncertainty with our detailed intelligence on over 200 countries and territories and over 350 cities globally - across the categories of Security, Weather, Health, Exit and Entry, Transportation, Legal, Culture, Language, Financial, Communications/Tech and Environment. You can also get a quick view of what threats exist, by viewing our proprietary Country Security Assessment Ratings (CSAR) and Health Security Assessment Ratings (HSAR) for each location. 
  • Get the right intelligence to suit your organization’s needs: A range of short and longer-term Intelligence forecasting offerings is available in GCC. Get a daily consolidation of the major issues with the Daily Intelligence Briefing, a look at how near-term regional issues could impact operations in the next 30-90 days with Strategic Outlook, an in-depth focus on health concerns and current outbreaks with Health Intelligence, a focused look at topical issues with our ad-hoc Special Report.
  • Access consolidated reports that suit your needs: Intelligence Reports are available on demand for locations globally, in the formats of the Trip Brief, Health Brief, Immunization Brief and Security Brief.
  • Leverage travel tools: Health requirements, Entry/Exit requirements, World Weather, World Clock, Telephone Country Codes, and Major Airline Carriers.
  • See all your assets and people on a global map: A visual representation and consolidation of WorldAware alerts, and your traveler and asset count, by region.
  • Find recommended medical providers: Make sure your people get the medical attention they may need during an emergency with AXA Assistance medical providers, which expedite the search for the closest and most appropriate medical care.
  • Run a range of reports for internal auditing and debriefing requirements: Run a range of reports to see the status of travelers, expats, and your assets.