When your business operations require employees to be in high-threat areas, you need a way to monitor their safety and communicate effectively during an emergency. WorldAware's Critical Trac™ provides monitored tracking, crisis alerting, and direct communications. This service, managed by our Global Assistance and Response team, avails you the expertise of our response operations team for expert security advice and emergency assistance. As a security manager, you want visibility to your employees and need to be able to communicate with them at any time.

Know that your personnel have the assistance they need at their fingertips through:

  • One-button crisis alerting.
  • One-button check-in function.
  • One-touch panic button to initiate voice call to WorldAware’s GIOC.
  • In-app two-way messaging.
  • Map function to view current location on mobile device.
  • User-defined tracking settings for precise location tracking.


Critical Trac™ helps you:

  • Always know exactly where your personnel are using GPS tracking. We
    monitor their location, and in the event of an emergency, enact your
    response protocols to support your operational requirements.
  • Access expert security experts around the clock that provide monitoring, support, and response services should an incident arise.
  • Get notifications when personnel move away from or out of defined routes and safe areas.
  • Tailor location update settings to conserve battery consumption for your employees.
  • Access an audit trail and corresponding response actions for post-incident reporting.