Tracking and communicating with employees is important under the best of conditions, but even more so when trouble arises. WorldAware offers two unique solutions - Worldcue Companion® and Worldcue Communicator® - that facilitate monitoring and contacting staff who may be in harm’s way. Companion displays key data about employee whereabouts and issues that may impact them in an easy-to-use and filterable format, while Communicator makes it easy to check in with your people or respond to requests for assistance.


Worldcue Companion®

Get the best view and interface between all your asset and personnel data and our alert and intelligence information – with Worldcue Companion®.

Worldcue Companion® pulls all the data together, clearly showing you what incidents are occurring worldwide, how severe the issues are, and exactly which of your people are in those locations and could be impacted. You can then quickly communicate with those people to confirm their safety or to see if assistance is required.

Being able to monitor and respond to your people during a crisis forms a key element of an effective Travel Risk Management, Integrated Risk Management, or business continuity solution, giving your organization a proactive stance in complying with your duty of care needs while reducing the number of travel-related incidents and minimizing operational costs and risk.

Features of Worldcue Companion® include: 

  • At-a-Glance Alert Feed and Impact Count: Quickly identify the potential impact of threats to your organization and who may be at risk.
  • Worldcue® Communicator: Whether forewarning of a potential threat or communicating during a critical event, you need to know which of your people or assets is at risk and quickly deliver essential information. Worldcue Communicator is the only mass notification solution that seamlessly integrates real-time threat intelligence and critical events, dynamic lists of people exposed, and two-way multi-modal communications.
  • World Map: The interactive World Map gives you an immediate and clear picture of your traveling personnel worldwide in relation to threats and risks, and pinpoints any crisis signal and safety check-in locations sent from the Worldcue® Mobile app. Quickly see who may be in the vicinity of an event by drawing a polygon around the affected area and getting a listing of your people. A one-way or two-way communication can also be initiated through the map, allowing you to quickly make contact with your personnel. Multiple layers of threat information is also available, giving you a clear idea of your threat exposure. These include:
    • Alerts: WorldAware Alerts give you the ability to make well-informed decisions to minimize risk and disruption and plan ahead with confidence. The Alerts are displayed on the map by their severity rating, Informational, Warning and Critical, each of which can be toggled on or off giving you the level of detail you need.
    • Incident Reports*: These are short sharp notifications of confirmed conditions that are imminently dangerous or disruptive. These are early warning markers of a potential issue and offer an ideal first notification.
    • Geospatial Threat Zones*:  Our WorldAware Threat Zones represent identified areas of higher risk, such as those with elevated crime levels or persistent conflict, where extra precautions are required.
  • Integrated Crisis Signal and Safety Check-In: Know immediately when the hot buttons have been activated by someone with the Worldcue® Mobile app. Responses from the app are integrated into Companion so if personnel activate the panic button or just confirm their status through a general check-in button, their status can be viewed on your Companion dashboard from any device.
  • High-Risk and VIP Travel Metrics: Drill down and obtain immediate visibility into potential threats by knowing which of your VIPs are traveling and which of your people might be in or going to high-risk destinations.
  • My Locations Filter: Get the exact data you want by filtering the alert feed to show only the alerts for locations relevant to you.
  • Dynamic Intelligence on the Go: Immediately access the intelligence that you need about a specific location; view location-specific alerts, destination intelligence, and security ratings for countries and cities around the world.
  • Identify Potential Exposure: Make better-informed decisions by quickly viewing a list of people by location (country or city) alongside active Alerts. Also view any Crisis Signals or Check-ins initiated by your people on their Worldcue Mobile app.
  • Full Itinerary and Assignment Details: Quickly assess a threat’s impact on your people’s air, hotel, rail, or car plans, including those on expat assignment.
  • Easy Access to Contact Information: Access up-to-date contact information for any person in the event of an emergency.
  • Access to Your Organization’s Hotline Phone Number: Get the immediate assistance you need for any travel, security, or medical issues. One tap connects you with WorldAware’s Global Integrated Operations Center team to quickly triage calls from your people around the globe and coordinate needed assistance.