Ensure your personnel have the tools and information they need to mitigate risk, communicate in an emergency, and determine where to go in times of crisis. With TravelKit, you can be assured your people have everything they need to travel and work safely, right on their mobile device. The mobile app helps your personnel reduce exposure to risks, especially in unfamiliar surroundings or higher risk locations, by keeping them informed of potential threats surrounding their travel plans.




TravelKit allows your employees to:

  • Know what is going on around them with timely alerts of security- and travel-related incidents mapped in relation to current location with geolocation features.
  • Access detailed country and city intelligence, including risk ratings, travel advisories, political and security concerns, travel logistics, cultural norms, weather threats, and location-specific health intelligence.
  • Get immediate assistance in the event of a crisis through the in-app emergency hotline.
  • Stay informed of travel disruptions, including airline delays and cancellations.
  • Access pre-trip checklists, including reminders to prepare and store relevant travel documents specific to travel destinations.
  • Find hospitals, police stations, and other safe haven information on a map along with local emergency phone numbers.