Having the right intelligence available when you need it is critical for identifying and mitigating potential threats. Intel Central provides powerful, predictive analysis focused on operational risk and resilience for geopolitical and health intelligence. The information is accurate, timely, and easily accessible, allowing your organization to be ready.



Strategic Outlook

Strategic Outlook provides in-depth, predictive analysis of geopolitical developments that may have near-term implications for employee safety or business operations.

Key topics typically found in the Strategic Outlook include:

  • Recent developments and likely outcomes organized by region (Sub-Saharan Africa, Americas, Asia and South Pacific, Europe and Russia/CIS, and Middle East and North Africa).
  • A featured article on an area or development of broad, more urgent interest.
  • WorldAware’s Country Security Assessment Ratings, or CSARs, which evaluate local conditions for crime, security service capabilities and trustworthiness, civil unrest, terrorism, kidnapping, and geopolitical stability.
  • Calendar of upcoming regional events that may adversely impact physical safety or the ability to conduct business in a specific area.



Health Intelligence

WorldAware’s Health Security Assessment Ratings, or HSARs, use a 1-5 rating system, based from minimal to very high, to simplify the complexity often posed by health threats.


The HSARs are established by evaluating local conditions for chronic disease, environmental health, health infrastructure, mental health, outbreaks, and risk of trauma. Our health analysts transform clinical language into understandable and actionable intelligence, providing peace of mind and ensuring better decision making across your enterprise. An Intel Central Health Intelligence subscription provides:

  • Location-specific health planning information for over 230 countries and territories worldwide.
  • Timely alerts and supporting maps for emerging or sustained outbreaks.
  • Disease factsheets and advice.
  • Articles on recent global health concerns.

WorldAwares Health Intelligence solution interprets impacts of complicated and emerging health issues, helping you proactively plan for the effects of exposure and mitigate risks that could disrupt operations.