Speed and simplicity are the key elements to minimizing risks and adapting plans to avoid disruption. You need a solution that works to keep your people safe with short, sharp, and speedy notifications of all incidents that could impact the safety of your personnel. In addition to keeping your personnel aware of situations around them, ExploreSafe also provides you a dashboard view to see who may be exposed to a potential risk and directly communicate with them with one single platform.


ExploreSafe Dashboard provides you with:

  • Fast, accurate incident reporting, including safety, security, travel, and health-related notifications.
  • Ability to see who is impacted in relation to an incident and the related area.
  • Communicate directly with a single person or group of people, then monitor replies directly within the dashboard so you can identify who is safe and who may need assistance.
  • Access risk maps at the street, city, and country level to see which areas have persistent threats and should be avoided.

ExploreSafe Mobile allows your personnel to:

  • Access security risks, health intelligence, and cultural considerations to plan ahead with adequate information needed to minimize risk.
  • Receive timely incident reports of risks with a map view relative to current location.
  • Know where to go in the event of an emergency with mapped locations of safe havens in immediate vincinity.
  • Be notified when approaching an area with an established high risk, such as crime, or a location with an active incident.
  • Confirm safety or notifiy the security operations center that assistance is needed.