Enable your organization to more easily design the solutions you need and to iteratively evolve your applications over time by leveraging our robust library of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).  Your technical needs are also supported through WorldAware’s Developer Center, which supports your development process and helps you deliver more value to your customers, within budget and with the required functionality.

Whether you’re building a mobile app for your employees or developing applications to bring to market in travel, insurance, meetings, or any other industry, the library of WorldAware APIs makes it easier for your users to understand and prepare for the security risks they may face.

The result is a better experience for your customers that includes intelligence and advice on how to avoid risks at home and abroad. Integrate WorldAware’s extensive travel alerts, threat awareness, and location intelligence into your solutions, providing your users with tangible added value.


WorldAware offers a full library of security and intelligence APIs that will help your users avoid risks and stay safe at home and abroad.

  • Alerts: Timely warnings and notifications of dynamic events occurring worldwide that could impact your organization or people across a range of threat categories. Each alert includes analysis and advice to help customers mitigate disruptions.
  • Country-Specific Threat Ratings: Quickly understand the severity of security and health threats globally with WorldAware’s proprietary Country Security Assessment Ratings (CSARs) and Health Security Assessment Ratings (HSARs).
  • Standing Intelligence: Understand the intrinsic threats and concerns that prevail in a location so risks can be avoided, with location-specific assessments of over 200 countries and territories and 450 cities worldwide across a range of threat categories.
  • Advice Sheets: Expert advice and tips on how to mitigate and avoid concerns across a range of threat categories.
  • Briefs: The latest information on a variety of topics will provide travelers with details that will help them prepare and keep them safe.
  • Daily Intelligence Briefing: Stay informed of potentially disruptive developments worldwide and understand their potential impact with a daily compilation of the alerts and situation reports across each region.
  • Geospatial Threat Zones: See specific localized threats with geospatial representations, including at neighborhood and regional levels.
  • Incident Reports: With short, fast, and focused reporting of incidents worldwide, Incident Reports give you a rapid decision-making advantage.


WorldAware Developer Center

A comprehensive online resource, the Developer Center provides your development teams with user guides and other documentation that detail how to incorporate APIs into your end-to-end solutions.

Make HTTP requests to WorldAware’s global intelligence database and retrieve data as a JSON response using a range of RESTful APIs. The Developer Center provides resources to walk you through this process, documents each supported call, and enables running of test requests which return sample data to demonstrate the behavior in the production APIs. Your developers also receive change log announcements that support technical communication of developments and fixes.