Sometimes you have to send your people to dangerous or unstable parts of the world. Keeping them safe in high-threat environments is vitally important and often challenging. WorldAware’s professional Kidnap for Ransom and Extortion (KRE) risk mitigation services significantly reduce risks to your organization, personnel, and their families, allowing you to rest assured that if an incident occurs we can provide on-the-ground response services for KRE, piracy, wrongful detention, child abduction, and stalking incidents. 

WorldAware’s team of multilingual KRE experts, including forensic specialists, is strategically placed across the globe. They are available 24/7/365, equipped with risk mitigation strategies to protect your personnel, operations, reputation, and profitability.

Our KRE services include:



In the event of a Kidnap for Ransom and Extortion incident, WorldAware can provide immediate assistance, either remotely or on the ground. We will promptly dispatch the appropriate members of our global specialist team. These experts have first-hand knowledge of the location’s conditions and culture, and will work quickly and carefully to resolve the situation. Our analytical and operations support professionals will provide regular updates until the incident is brought to a safe conclusion. 



Reduce your risks and mitigate threats while traveling or operating in higher-risk environments through pre-incident briefings. These consultations will include the most up-to-date information on KRE risk mitigation and response, protecting personnel and their family members.



To keep you aware and informed about risk issues globally, we have online risk intelligence profiles for over 200 countries and territories. Each profile assesses the risk of the location, including factors such as conflict, infrastructure, crime, terrorism, and kidnapping. Advice to mitigate kidnapping and tips on reducing your vulnerability for other risks are also available. 



WorldAware analysts continuously monitor developments around the world and issue notifications of any significant incidents that could impact your organization or people. Knowing of any kidnapping, security, or travel-related issues will help you mitigate risks and plan around them. 



Request the exact information and analysis you need, and one of our KRE subject matter experts will compile your bespoke report. This could include a broad analysis of a region’s kidnapping and extortion environment or a very detailed focus on specific areas, including statistical trends, primary perpetrators and their tactics, likely victims, ransom demands and settlements, and the effectiveness of authorities.

Keeping you informed and aware of global kidnapping trends and developments, we publish the KRE Global Monitor newsletter each quarter. The publication focuses on key topical issues and provides a breakdown of Kidnap for Ransom and Extortion incidents that have been reported around the world. 



WorldAware can conduct a variety of KRE training courses to prepare your management team and personnel for a possible emergency. Our table-top scenarios are tailored to your specific operational sector and requirements. Individual training can also be conducted for personnel going into high-risk areas so they have the tools and knowledge at hand to minimize their risk profile. 



Kidnapping is a real threat to people worldwide, especially personnel or anybody perceived as wielding significant power or wealth. Look at our advice sheet on Avoiding and Surviving Kidnapping Situations.