Local and global crises can have a severe impact on your organization, yet solid intelligence and proper planning can help mitigate threats to your operations and people. By giving you the intelligence and insight you need, high-quality and high-impact decisions can be made with confidence. What is critical is that we not only provide you information, but the added value of thoughtful analysis and contextualized insights, giving you the decision-making advantage in keeping your organization running without disruptions.

Your organization is backed by our exceptional analyst team of regional and subject matter experts providing you the dynamic intelligence you need, when you need it. The analytical team come from a variety of backgrounds including the military, government intelligence agencies, academia, NGO’s and the private sector, and combine both experience and education to give you exceptional insight into understanding local, regional and international developments. By providing you have the actionable intelligence you need, informed decisions can be made to ensure risks are managed, operations can continue, and your people are safe.

Our range of alerts and intelligence subscriptions fit a key criterion of your risk management plan, being the supply of timely, thoughtful and insightful information that you can act on.  

Intelligence Alerts

WorldAware alerts give you timely notification of any significant travel, safety and security-related incidents that could impact your organization or people. Getting timely notification of such issues or incidents, with applied analysis, gives you and your people the advantage to avoid the risk and plan around it.

  • Stay informed: Approximately 1,000+ alerts are put out each month.
  • Get a broad scope of coverage: We monitor threats are across nine categories, including Entry-Exit, Communications/Technology, Legal, Financial, Environment, Culture, Health, Security and Transportation.
  • Accuracy: Every alert requires a minimum of two independent sources for verification purposes, although this may be adjusted for speedy coverage, if a trusted resource is being used.
  • Receive alerts on multiple platforms: Alerts are sent via SMS, email, API, Worldcue® Global Control Center, Worldcue® Companion, Worldcue® Traveler and in-app push notification on Worldcue® Mobile.
  • We inform you of the severity: Providing you a clear indication of the level of seriousness and if a response may be needed, each alert is rated as Critical, Warning or Informational.
  • Critical Alerts imply that action is required. They address issues that will impact operations or travel. It is iJET policy to disseminate reporting of these types of events within 15 minutes of verification.
  • Warning Alerts typically cover topics that require heightened awareness and may impact travel or operations.

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Daily Intelligence Briefing

Stay informed with regular comprehensive updates of safety, security and travel-related concerns from around the globe. The Daily Intelligence Brief provides you global noteworthy, risk-related events and developments. It is published Monday through Friday and gives you:

  • In-depth coverage of current issues by global region.
  • Critical issues of note highlighted upfront.
  • Easy-to-understand country security ratings and alert levels.
  • All new content in each edition.
  • Interactive feedback option to communicate opinion or insights to the analysts.


Strategic Outlook

Strategic Outlook provides world-class analysis of emerging threats that could impact your business in the weeks ahead. In addition to our in-depth In the Spotlight articles, our Regional Overview sections highlight current trends that are important to you; seeing beyond the immediate "fires" to comprehend the broader implications of these issues. Strategic Outlook provides global security and geopolitical analysis of developments around the world that may impact on organizational operations in the near-term. WorldAware’s Strategic Outlook solution is provided on our Worldcue® Intel Central platform and includes:

  • In-depth analysis of key issues by region.
  • ‘In the Spotlight’ focus articles on significant issues.
  • WorldAware’s Country Security Assessment Ratings (CSARs).
  • Calendar of upcoming events around the world that may impact safety, security or travel.
  • E-mail notification of newly added content.

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Health Intelligence

Help your organization and people proactively plan for and avoid health-related risks at home and abroad. WorldAware’s team of health intelligence experts interpret the impact of complicated and emerging health issues and deliver actionable analysis in jargon-free, balanced language to promote both peace of mind and better decision-making across your enterprise. Our Health Intelligence solution is provided on our Worldcue® Intel Central platform and includes:

  • 24/7 Health Alerts.
  • Special Reports & Bulletins.
  • WorldAware’s Health Security Assessment Ratings (HSARs).
  • White papers and searchable databases addressing complex health and safety issues.
  • Location-based health information, disease risk, medical infrastructure and more.
  • E-mail notification of newly added content.

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Worldcue® Airline Security Newsletter (ASN)

Make informed travel policy decisions within your organization and ensure that all your personnel use airlines that meet suitable safety criteria. The Worldcue® Airline Security quarterly newsletter keeps you appraised of key safety-related developments regarding the world’s fleet of commercial and charter airlines. Each edition provides you with a range of detailed information and analysis of air-travel-related issues and incidents, including:

  • The latest airline rating upgrades and downgrades according to WorldAware criteria.  
  • Accidents and incidents.
  • In-depth reviews covering a key issue in air travel safety.



Ensure that all your personnel, regardless of sexual orientation, are informed and aware of situations and developments that could impact on their safety. Our PRISM newsletters cover global attitudes, events, and issues that have the potential to affect the safety of LGBTQ persons. We send out a consolidated annual PRISM newsletter, followed by quarterly editions.

PRISM Annual Report

The PRISM Annual Report is a country-by-country assessment, providing a security risk rating and trend analysis for each country, a breakdown of the legal environment, a societal acceptance assessment, and a government and police discrimination assessment. Most countries assessed to have a moderate to extreme risk environment have a summary of the risk environment. Risk ratings, trend analyses, and risk environment summaries take into account developments in the previous 12 months.

PRISM Quarterly Newsletter

The PRISM Quarterly Newsletter focuses on events and issues with the potential to affect LGBTQ persons which occurred over the previous three months. Additionally, the newsletter addresses on-going issues for LGBTQ individuals and families likely to be of interest or an issue for those visiting and expatriating to foreign countries. Global developments which may significantly and negatively impact the safety, security, and/or rights of the LGBTQ community take precedence in the newsletter.


Product Recall Review

Protect your business operations, reputation, and profitability by being better prepared for dealing with a product-related incident. The monthly Product Recall Review newsletter provides you relevant industry news and developments to help you reduce the risk of issues and manage the impact of potential incidents. Each monthly edition includes:

  • Significant regional news stories related to product safety issues, legislation, and notable developments.
  • Ad-hoc in-depth research and advisory pieces on topics relevant to the keeping your organization operating safely and prepared to mitigate the impact of potential crises.
  • An Incident log of recalls from across the globe, and across all sectors.

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Kidnap for Ransom and Extortion Global Monitor

Stay informed and cognizant of Kidnap for Ransom and Extortion (KRE) trends and incidents globally so you can ensure suitable planning, training and precautions are in place to protect your organization and personnel, and their families. The quarterly KRE Global Monitor newsletter provides:

  • An in-depth focused assessment of a key kidnapping issue, such as a developing trend, a breakdown of a type or style of kidnapping, or a country profile.
  • Maps and graphs illustrating the focus topic.
  • A Global Incidents Snapshot of notable reported KRE incidents in the previous three months, assessed by region.

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