Let our dedicated analyst program provide dedicated or supplemental security operations support for your organization. These analysts, vetted and trained just like our own analysts, can work within your Security Operations Center or virtually from one of our integrated operations centers to provide you an expanded range of tailored intelligence services focused on your critical business and security needs.

Dedicated analysts focus on your organization’s specific risk profile, vulnerabilities, business continuity needs, business requirements, and culture, and as an extension of our intelligence team, extensive support from a variety of subject matter experts.

The dedicated analysts partner with your stakeholders to develop intelligence deliverables tailored to support your organization’s mission and strategy.


The analysts are trained, experienced and ready to provide for your analytical needs.

A strategic benefit of our dedicated analysts is that they are drawn from our uniquely trained team and are prepared to immediately begin developing and delivering your tailored intelligence solution. They operate using the proven analytical approach and methodologies of WorldAware.


Constant support

The dedicated analysts are backed up by a team of over 100 WorldAware analysts worldwide, and work through a Senior Intelligence Manager, who provides day-to-day oversight of the analytical workflow and product development to ensure a high quality of service.


Our Dedicated Analysts program offer the following unique benefits:

  • Identification and assessment of threats to your operations, assets and personnel, through the monitoring and analyzing global events, with a focus on the issues unique to your business operations.
  • Bespoke intelligence specifically tailored to your needs and areas of concern.
  • Regularly scheduled briefings that capture major incidents that affect your business & your employees. Because the analyst is dedicated to your business, they can provide a forward-looking assessment that anticipates incidents or trends that could impact business continuity and personnel safety.
  • Ad-hoc in-depth analysis on selected locations relevant to your location needs, or to project manage the production of very in-depth analytical information that may require the support of the larger WorldAware analytical team.
  • Provide location-based reporting for executive travelers, Executive Protection teams (advance intelligence reporting), Global Mobility Services (expat assignments) and other key stakeholders.
  • Any other intelligence duties that your organization requires, within scope of the agreed program.