When making key operational decisions, you need customized intelligence reports that specifically consider your organization, its operational environment, and its unique risk exposure. With relevant, reliable, timely, and actionable information, you can make confident strategic, operational, and tactical decisions.

Whether you are looking to expand your current operational footprint and require a risk assessment of a location; want to judge the impact a global or domestic event might have on your people, operations, and interests; or need to assess the risk of partnering with a new organization, WorldAware will compile a bespoke report that considers your needs and includes the following information.


Strategic Threat Assessment (SITE)

Understand the risks that face your organization and what needs to be implemented to mitigate those risks at your specific operational sites. WorldAware can conduct a thorough examination and assessment of the risk factors of a location, whether an existing site or a proposed new location, giving you the understanding and knowledge to ensure the site is secure against operational interruption. If you are unsure which of two or more sites would be preferred from a risk perspective, we can create a scoring system customized to your business requirements to provide a quantitative and qualitative basis for comparison among possible locations.


Market Entry Assessment

Understand what security, geopolitical, and business risks are associated with entering a new market and compare those risks with the potential benefits from that market. WorldAware will generate threat scores and assessments related to facilities or planned ventures in the locations; focus on threats to a business entering a particular industry sector in that country/city; address other key concerns relevant to your organization; and cover the broader concerns of the location, including security, political and geopolitical considerations, business conduct concerns, transportation and infrastructure, communications availability and regulations, and health issues.


Executive Travel Brief and Travel Safety Briefs

Make sure your traveling executives and other personnel have the destination risk intelligence they need so that they are aware of issues in their location and have the appropriate advice to mitigate those concerns. These travel briefs provide a comprehensive understanding of the risks associated with a location, factored around the proposed itinerary and dates of the trip, including issues related to terrorism, crime, security services, kidnapping, lodging reviews, health concerns, route overviews, specific areas of concern, and cultural considerations.


Destination Assessment

If you need a longer-term assessment of a location where you may be sending your personnel, WorldAware will provide you a destination threat assessment covering conditions we expect in the location within the next 12 months. This report could be used to supplement an investigation of investment in a location or to assist in making travel decisions regarding a high-risk location. It covers security, crime, terrorism, kidnapping, effectiveness of local law enforcement, political/civil unrest, infrastructure, lodging, and health topics.


Expatriate Handbook

Give your expat personnel comprehensive guidance and advice on common threats and inconveniences likely to affect them and their family in their new location, and explain how to minimize their exposure to these concerns. These analytical assessments cover a one- to two-year time frame and cover all the major security issues, including worksite neighborhood security overviews, residence neighborhood security overviews, routes to work, transportation options, society and daily living. Cultural considerations are also covered, including sexual harassment and gender-related concerns, and LGBTQ safety and security concerns.


Verbal Reports

If you need quick questions answered about a destination, a developing issue, or something you have seen in an alert, a Worldcue® Global Control Center license enables you to contact an analyst at any time for a phone conversation of up to 30 minutes. You can ask for amplification or clarification, or have a broader discussion on the potential direction of a threat. Following the call, you will also receive a high-level bullet-point summary capturing the details of the conversation.