WorldAware's Global Intelligence solutions are designed to help you protect your personnel and ensure continuity of operations.

Risk is an inherent element of running an organization; risks to operations, people, and projects must be identified, assessed, and mitigated. Different organizations have different risk profiles and varying levels of intelligence and support requirements. WorldAware provides a range of intelligence products and services to help clients operate efficiently and with confidence worldwide. Our integrated approach to risk management ensures that you have the right composition of intelligence tools to effectively support the needs of your organization and people.

Our analysts come from a variety of backgrounds including the military, government intelligence agencies, academia, NGOs, and the private sector; our analytical team combines both experience and understanding to provide exceptional insight and deliver accurate and actionable intelligence.

The value of intelligence is determined by quality sources, thoughtful analyses and contextualized insights. Our Global Integrated Operations Center (GIOC) is founded upon best practice methodologies pioneered by the world’s most advanced intelligence organizations. WorldAware’s team of regional and subject matter experts have extensive experience in their fields.

We maintain an in-depth intelligence database on more than 200 countries and territories and over 400 cities. The team obtains data from thousands of sources, both open source and private contacts, and monitors the globe in 30 languages, 24 hours a day, to ensure that our clients have the best information available to aid in critical decision-making.




Global Intelligence Services